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Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day♥

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! :)
How are you all spending it? I'd love to know!
Yesterday me & my boy went out to eat and just hung out. It was quite lovely.

Wanna see my post on Valentine's Day from last year? It's right here:

A cute little monkey and card I got him. I also got him tons of candy.

Isn't this soo cute?? I ♥ Pooh! And I wrote all on the inside of it:)

Hmm what did he get me?


Here's everything he got me.♥

On a serious note..sorry about the being gone. I'm okay. I'm was really busy, but now basketball season is over and now I'll have more time to blog. I'm still getting caught up on all of your guys' blogs. Don't worry I will. If you didn't read the post below about why I was gone, please do!
And if you commented, thanks. It means a lot that you all care!:)



Kindros said...

Happy Valentine's day!

Brookie said...

So are you back for good? Sounds like you had a great valentines dayy :D

Francesca said...

Sorry to comment so late. I'm glad your Valentine's day was good(:

Gabrielle said...

Glad you back!! I just started school! You might not remember, but I was homeschooled so I just transferred. I can see why you don't have time to blog! I'm lovin it!

Haha you're boyfriend is so sweet! And I love your bow necklace! That does it, i want one! Thanks for being inspirational Abby dear

<3 <3

ps I've been bloging a year on the 21st! Congrats on your 1 year aversary, i gave you a shoutout on my last blog post.

Emma said...

Aww cute :3

& nah, it wasn't for Halloween. Year (Grade) 12 get a muck-up photo for school photos.. we just get to dress up and have a massive group photo as it's our last day of school (:

tegan said...

cute blog.
have a lovely day <3

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are back, and I'm glad you had a great valentine's day.
I spent mine at the library. 8am to 2:30 am :( Brenton brought me chocolate though :)
Have a good weekend.


Meleonieeee - ♥ said...

Aww, I'm glad you're back! And that you had a nice Valentines! xx