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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Songs of the Month♥

Hello everyone!:) How has your week been? Mine went by extremely fast!
It's the middle of February and it's 68 degrees outside! Ahhhh it's great♥

So, as you all know, I love music! All different kinds. And here lately, I've been listening to the same things over & over.! Here are some GREAT songs I recommend and love:

Born This Way-Lady Gaga

It's her newest song..she just released it. It is BY far the best! So inspirational. If you haven't heard it, you MUST listen! It's different than any of her other songs. Her new album is coming out in May..I'm SO excited!:)
I Am 16 Going on 17-Sound of Music

I have recently become infatuated with the Sound of Music. This is my favorite scene/song of the movie. The song is so cute, and their innocent chemistry is adorable. I love her dress, and how flowy it is. Why can't I wear that dress every single day of my life?
I love the movie; it's great. All of the songs are catchy and the sound is beautiful. It's a timeless classic♥

Warwick Avenue-Duffy

This song is just amazing..Duffy's voice is BEAUTIFUL! I've listened to all of her other songs,..and none compares to this one! There's a music video for it, but YouTube wouldn't let me embed it. I seriously recommend this if you like her music!:)

Double Heart-The Band Perry

You've probably heard "If I Die Young" by now. This is the same group. I'm IN LOVE with them. I pretty much hate country, but their songs are awesome. I mean, I love EVERY SINGLE one of them! I can't pick a favorite. This one isn't my favorite either, but I've been listening to it a lot! It's got a nice rhythm to it, and it's quite catchy!:)

I Need A Doctor-Eminem, Dr. Dre and Skylar Grey.

Eminem's newest song. It's GREAT! He's basically just talking about Dr. Dre(a rapper, who gave Eminem a chance when he was a nobody and pretty much started his career) and how he's thankful for all of the thing's he's done for him, and he needs him. It's a great story about Dr. Dre and Eminem's past. Even if you don't like Eminem, just listen to the first 20 seconds. Skylar Grey, a new artist, sings in the intro and chorus. Her voice is absolutely amazing. I hope she starts making her own music soon!♥

Well, I'm off to enjoy this beautiful weekend! Thanks for all of the comments on Jasmine's post. It means a lot:) Her birthday was Thursday. Our school raised over $1000 dollars for her funeral costs. We're now raising money for a plaque(is that how it's spelled??) in her memory to put in the hallway.

Have a great weekend, everyone!♥



Francesca said...

Lady Gaga, the sound of music, eminem. I love all of these songs! :)

Devin said...

I love Lady Gaga's new song and I also really like the Band Perry even though I'm not into country music (unless its Taylor Swift of course!)

Serena said...

awesome songs!
you have good taste :)

Kindros said...

Hope you had an amazing weekend. Em's song was good. Thanks for sharing.

Erimentha said...

Thanks for all your sweet comments Abby! Hope you had a good weekend. I love Lady GaGa's new song too! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Aww! great list of songs, dear! thanks for sharing!♥

jessica said...

Lady Gaga is awesome.

I came across this website sometime ago, you might like it -

Brookie said...

You have great taste!