My Lovely Followers :)

Why I Started Blogging

Heyy! :)
Are you wondering...when did this crazy chick start blogging? WHY??!! She sucks at it! Joking...lmao.
Well...I started reading Freedom to Speak and According 2 Talia via Lisi Harrison's(an author) blah-g. All of us girls would talk in the comments section & swap blog links. A lot of girls had blogs. Then, I started finding other blogs such as A Present 4 Everyone, The Little Blog of Happiness, Flawless Imperfection, Random Rawr and This Daisy. Eventually, I found a LOT MORE that I loved. I was just commenting as anonymous. They probably thought I was some weird creeper. Haha.
Finally, me and my friend Brooklynn decided WE WANTED to make blogs. I didn't know if my parents would let me. They didn't care. So one day in February(2010) it was a snow day which meant no school. I was bored and finally made one! Thanks Talia for helping me! She didn't have school either. I started following people and a lot of them already knew me because I had been commenting on their blogs for weeks.
So now here I am! Over 100 posts and 163 followers & not even blogging a seems like it has been years though! I've met so many great people through this and I'm having fun.
A big thanks to EVERYONE who has ever followed, commented or even checked out my blog. :)

My 100th post vlog. Blecchh!