My Lovely Followers :)


Thank you to Bree for giving me this lovely award :)

Thanks so much Gabrielle! She gave me the 3 awards below! :)

Wow! I got this award from lots of people: Maly, Tiana, Kylie, Dandalily, Dani, Camelgirl and Christie Jo. Thanks all. :)

Thanks so much Alice!

This wasn't really an award, but I (along with 3 other people) was the first person to be tagged to do this. Thanks Maly & Mollie!

You're awesome Bree!

Thanks so much Jen for giving me this award!!!!!!

I made this myself for completing the 30 Day Song Challenge. **Snaps for Abby!!!!!!**

Addie made and gave me this one!!! Thanks bunches!

This was originally give to me by Nabilah, but then lots of other people tagged me. Thanks everyone!!!

Thanks so much Alice! You rock!

Thanks Tywo! ♥ ya!

Bleah Briann had a slew of awards on her blog & I chose these 2. ^ Thanks Bleah! 

The above 2 ^ Bleah Briann gave to all of her followers on her blog.

The 2 above^ were also on Bleah Briann's blog, & she said if it applied to anyone, take it,.... so I did!

Bleah Briann put these 2 awards on her blog & asked for all of her followers to take them, so I did. :) Thanks Bleah!

Both of these ^ were given to me by Blaize.
I gave them to Felicity, Julia, Nabilah, Tywo, Seli, & Courtney.

Thank you lovley Tywo for this award!