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Monday, May 24, 2010

My 8th grade dance...

So as you all know I went to my 8th grade dance on Friday. It was Hawaiin themed and I had tonnnsss of fun! :) So take a look:

So of course, you all have seen this pic above...just a recap though!

Hee hee random pic of me and mumsey. (that's what I call her on occasion)

Me in my dress. :) I was wearing white flip-flops.

Me and mom. Everyone says we look alike, but I just don't see it! ;)

Me, mom and Bryan. It was very rainy outside!!!

I got to the dance and of course I was a teensy bit nervous...but then I saw Brookie and everyone. So, some of you know Brooke from My life as Brooklynn. And if you don't know by now, we go to the same school. Anyways, she's the one in the white dress...isn't she pretty?

This is me and Hannah, my best friend. Remember her? For the new followers, at the beginning of my blog, I posted a pic of me and Hannah and made everyone guess which one I was before anyone knew what I looked like. Everyone guessed Hannah except 2 people! Lol an anonymous person even said "You're pretty but you're friend is gorgeous." I love you too random citizen!

Me and some of my friends.... :)

Me and Skylar...she's a little shorty! Also Brooke's bestie.

This is Breanne. We've been friends for a very long time, and she is my Jonas BFF. This is the one I'm going to the Jonas concert with. This'll be her fourth one! Her man is Joe Jonas, and I honestly believe she is one of the biggest Jonas fans out there. I know what you're thinking: "Abby, you know there are millions of people out there that love the Jonas brothers...I doubt you're little friend is one of their biggest fans." Yeah, but you know, if you think about it, there has to be a top ten list of the people that LOVE the Jonas brothers the most...I mean come on! And Breanne really does. Not just because they're hot and the "in" thing. She believes they're truly awesome people (like I do), has pretty much everything of theirs, knows everything about them and absolutely adores them and their music. I truly believe she is one of the top 10 fans out there and I'm proud that she's my friend!
This is Sarah. You all should know her by now; she was in all of my King's Island pics...

This is Cassie and Whitney. They're the 2 funniest and craziest people I know and I'm proud to say that both of them are some of my best friends.

Of course, I never really feel like dancing at the beginning, but once you get me started I won't stop. I can't be tamed. I danced until it was over. We all did. We done big conga lines too all over the cafeteria.

This is my favorite picture because it has all of us in it. Kristen (my cousin) beside me, and then Hannah, Whitney and Cassie in the back.

Me, Alexis, and Breanne.

Me and Maggie the bathroom!

See the woman to the left of the picture in the blue dress? That's Ms. Schroer, my awesome teacher. She danced with us. She's the one that writes me the nice notes all of the time. And guess what she asked in one of them? If she could read my blog! So on the last day of school I'll give her a piece of paper with my link on it. :)

Sarah doing the Thriller dance. And yes they played Thriller!

Cassie and Kristen decided to bust out in random dance.

And my one of my friend's moms brought homeade rice-crispie treats, and I hate the homeade kind, only the brand from the store. But oh my gosh, this was a different story! These tasted just like the kind from the store, only better! Oh-em-gees I was in heaavveen...I ate 5. :)

And of course Mr. Deaton had to sing Blue Moon In Kentucky. Oh goodness.

It's sooo hot outside. I'm going to go take a swim in my pool. Have a wonderful night everyone!


h and I reallly want Lee to win on American Idol!!! Go Lee!


Kimberly Franklin said...

How fun. To be in eight grade, even high school again. Fun! And you and your mom look so much alike. How cute!

Have a great day!

Francesca said...

I'm glad you had a blast. Your school looks better than mine, just because there seems to be so many nice people in it! There are too many people at my school trying to be popular, haha.
You and all your friends looked so pretty!

Lindsay C said...

Wow that looks just like my high school dances used to look ! They were so much fun. I always spent so much time on my hair and then came out of the dance with a mess of hair haha !! I am glad you had an awesome time ! :)

Oddyoddyo13 said...

Wow. I don't remember doing that much at our dance. Great pictures. :)

kalie brynn. said...

Your eighth grade dance seems WAY better than mine was! ha. You are such a doll, seriously. You look like you had such a blast, I'm so glad!

Erimentha said...

you're such a babe abby! love that dress and your necklace too!

Anonymous said...

looks like u had a great time (:


tiana lachelle said...

Looks like you had fun!!

Anonymous said...

Glad you had tons of fun! You and your mom look a lot alike. I can see where you got your looks now. Your friends seem nice and cool. :)

Ruth said...

This looks really fun! We don't have that around here :(

Mizz Ali said...

OMG! sounds like you had a BLAST and you looked really pretty! + the all the photos are GORGEOUZ!

Kakes said...


Gabrielle said...

Awww it's beautiful!

<3 <3,

Talia said...

haha awee u and all of ur friends look awesome and it really looked like u had a fabity fab time. I'm really happy u did =) Oh and I want Lee 2 win also...teehee =)

magpie said...

AWWW.... you make ME feel old little Abby :) i get that all the time- "you make me feel old!" but really! 8th long ago. It's so cool that you are only 14 and have such a successful blog- I wish I had documented my life as an 8th grader like you have!

Anyways it looks like you had an absolute BLASTT!!! Looks fun :)

you are gorgeous hun, and you do like your momma!!


Anonymous said...

Hey i didn't get to post earlier but I have a facebook and we should be friends.i am so sad i feel like i have missed a lot of your blog.

magpie said...

Yes of course I'll follow you honey bee!!

I totally thought I already was..:(

sorry hun!

Amelia said...

I love your dress. And yup, I'm eighteen, turning nineteen in about a month.

NabilaHazirah said...

Abby,you and your friends all look beautiful! Glad you had so much fun!!


Anonymous said...

I am glad you had fun! I will have an award for you today!

Smileyfreak said...

Looks like you girls had soo much fun!! :)

Good to see! :)

Miss Mayhem said...

Looks like a fun party! You look gorgeous, as always!

BroadwayBaby said...

Omg i just wanted to let u know that i LOVEEE your blog (: Is it ok with you if I follow you?? Also, I think you are REEEEAAALLLYYY pretty. Dang! U makin' me jealous, girl! It looks like you had a lot of fun at the dance, too.
If you want to follow me, its:
Thanks a bunch!!

Addie said...

Awesome! YOU ARE SO PRETTY! I love your dress! LOL I actually play Blue Moon of Kentucky on the guitar... my grandpa dared me to learn it so I did!

Anonymous said...

omg I love Lee! :D

He won! yay! <3

Anonymous said...

I also remember my 8th grade dance! It was so much fun! :D

you look cute love! :)