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Friday, May 21, 2010

AHH & Award!

Heyy everyone, how has your Friday been treating you?

Well tonight is my 8th grade dance! I got my hair curled and I'm leaving in about an hour.

I've never had it curled before! Of course I'll make a post about all of the fun I had and pics...

So, I've been getting LOTS of awards, and don't worry, I've made a list so I don't forget to post about them. So surly (but slowly) I'll get them all done.

And...I have a list of people that I've given awards too. So I try to give them to my followers that I haven't awarded yet. But, if I've already given you an award, but I think you deserve this one, I'll give it to you!

The awesome Gabrielle first gave these two to me, and some other people awarded me, so thanks!

First, the Creative Writeer's Award! Here's the rules:

1. Tell the person who awarded you how you found their blog and why you joined.

2. Say if you've written lyrics, music, stories, or all of them.

3. Award 5 creative bloggers.

Okay, here I go!

1. Gabrielle, I don't know how I found your blog.I'm pretty sure you found me first and left a comment, then I went to your blog and it was awesome, so I followed! Your blog is blossoming and becoming better with each post! :)

2. I've written stories and some lyrics on occassion...

3. Peeps I award:

  1. Leviana She's really nice and she seems like someone I'd hang out with if I knew her.

  2. Ruth She's really creative and unique

  3. Sanchez If you haven't followed her, you need to! You're missing out; her posts are lovely.

  4. Bleah If you don't know Bleah or you've never heard of her, WOW. She's what I'd call a "social butterfly" in the world, and she has unique opinions about things.

  5. Cass Cass's writing is beautiful, her posts always make me think. :) I ♥ her & and her blog.

Now, the Lovely and Loyal Award. :)

Okay, here's the rules:

1. Say why you made your blog and if you expected it to be popular at all
2. State the exact date you started your blog
3. Nominate 10 loyal followers
  1. I made my blog because I was reading blogs anyways like Nabilah's, Julia's, and Blaize, and I commented as Anonymous. Then I got interested and I wanted to start my own blog. Of couse, I didn't think it would be popualr, but I joined other blogs I really liked and eventually followed me back. Thanks everyone!
  2. I'm pretty sure I started February 11th of this year.
  3. 10 loyal followers


Christie Jo







Mizz Ali






Francesca said...

Thanks so much for the award! :) I have a lot of awards to catch up on, too, so you're not alone!

Francesca said...

Oh, and have fun at your dance. Your hair looks gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

u look so prety have fun at the dance (:


Anonymous said...

I remember my 8th grade dance :p
Great memories.. I hope it goes amazing, Abby

and your hair looks adorable :)

Oddyoddyo13 said...

Congratulations! You're very efficient-I never write down who gives/hasn't been given awards. :( I really should though.

Hannah said...

Aww, thanks. I'll do it soon, I promise.

Anonymous said...

love your hair girL! <3

I remember my 8th grade dance. It was so much fun!

have fun! :D


Gabrielle said...

Your hair is AWESOME! I curled my hair for Christmas Eve and my brother-in-law said exactly that. It looks amazing :) Have fun!!!

Thanks for doing the awards, its so much fun to see it go around the internet! I'm looking foward to finally doing you 30 Day Song Challenge Award!

<3 <3,

Ruth said...

Your hair looks really beautiful with curls! you should do it more :)

thanks so much for the award, you're so sweet!

Erimentha said...

you're such a babe abby!!!!!!!!

Mizz Ali said...

thank you! and your hair looks abosolutely gorgeouz cnt w8 to see the photos!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!!!
I love your hair. I hope you had fun at the dance.

Yes Abby, he is moving to California for acting auditions since he can't get any in our stupid small town:(


John McElveen said...

Hi Abby,

I just popped over from Alice in Wonderland. Can't believe I haven't been here before--well I am now and love what I see! Look forward to following!



Anonymous said...

You look adorable! I hope you had fun and behaved! LOL!

Wow thanks for the award!

Kakes said...

abby your hair is AMAZING. i wrote you backkkk and omigosh tell me all about it! hope you had a blastt

Talia said...

ahhh u look so pretty! i hope u have an awesome time at ur dance =) and u deserved all those u remember when u made ur blog? we were both on Lisi Harrion's blog and u were telling me all about and i kept on changing my backgrounds (I still do...teehee). Ahhh memories...=) well once again i hope u have a great time @ ur dance. lots of love! xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Wow, your hair looks extremely pretty curled :)

Anonymous said...

Your hair looks really pretty curled!!

Anonymous said...

I think you are very pretty.
And you really deserve awards!

♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

Awwww you're so sweet! And your hair is beautiful! :)

leviana coccia. said...

THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE AWARD :) You're awesome. I'm about to leave for kick boxing but I will get around to posting the award and blogging about it as soon as I can!! xo Have fun at the dance!

NabilaHazirah said...

thank you abby! you're awesome! :)

love your hair!