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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Awards....yet again!!!




Bubbles, Charlotte, Ashley, Akmar Amon, todoestuttifrutti^^*, Teresa, Mizz Ali, Bethany,, S and O Reyes, Elisabeth, Megan, Hazel Anne P, Ruth, Victoria, Becky, Lola, WILDasaMINK, Talia, Stina, Jennie, Cherre, Catherine, Kim, Mel, Maria, Kalie, Meleonie, Imola, Barney, Leviana, iLove, Sanchez, Ally, Bree, Lindsay, yesloveno, Toongen, Suyinhaynes, Shannon, Jomiee, Savannah, Latanie, It's Simple Love, Mollie, Addie, ChristieJo, Smileyfreak, Tiana, Ninja Lover, Sabine, Alice, Cristal, Cass, Peppercorn Swirls, Cadence, Gabrielle, Andy, Maly, Jamie, Reesah, Courtney, Katie, Razzle, Francesca, Erimentha, Seli, Bleah, Amanda, Florence, Tywo, Brooke, Camelgirl, Nabilah, Blaize, Andrea, Julia, Liberty, T M, Lilah, Missy, Ashley, Anna, Dandalily, Carla, Whisper Of A Laugh, Amelia, Aine, Bree, Kylie, Hogwart Fan, Katherine, Katrina, Blair, Anclausen, Rockininmyvans, Sari, Hannah...

and last but not least MAGGIE!!!! She made my followers 100, and her blog is sweet & fun; I really enjoy it! Here's the link:

Hey erbody. It's been a great day, like all Wednesdays are...but no random pics today! I have so many awards/tags I have to catch up on! So here is 2 I have been graciously given to by Gabrielle. Seriously guys, check her blog out! Here soon when she has about 2,000 followers, you'll wish you'd followed her! ;)

Chistie Jo also gave me this award. She's awesome!!!

Hee hee isn't this one cute??? Stinky Gabrielle already awarded it to the obvious music loves though, so this one'll be hard! (tee hee I still love you Gabby!)

Here are the rules:

1. List your top 10 favorite songs on your i-pod.

Okay everyone, these are just the top 10 AS OF NOW! & I'm doing the songs on my playlist on the bottom of my sidebar.

~Sorry by the Jonas Brothers ~Hallelujah by Kate Voegle (AH-MAZING!) ~Break your Heart by Taio Cruz

~I Can't Be Tamed by Miley Cyrus ~Nothing on You B.O.B. ~Remember December by Demi Lovato

~Alejandro by Lady Gaga ~Bad Romance by Hayley Williams (it's her cover of it, and it's not on my playlist but I listen to it everyday on Youtube.) ~Across the Universe by the Beatles anddd Paprazzi by Greyson Chance...again, it's his cover of it, it's not on my playlist but I listen to it EVERYDAY on Youtube. Seriously guys, if you haven't heard of him go Youtube him really quick!!!!

2. State what color your ipod is.


3. Give this award to 11 music-loving bloggers

~Bleah ~Tiana ~Maly and Mollie ~Andrea ~Teresa ~Frangipani Princess ~Kylie ~Seli ~Brooklynn ~Fia

So there you go!!!

Next up:

This Inspirational Blog Award, which I'm very proud to be awarded. :) No rules for this one, just award 5 inspirational bloggers!
~Miss Mayhem

And still more awards to come!!!

And yay I got my first issue of Vogue in the mail today!!! Blake Lively is the on the cover. :)



Oddyoddyo13 said...

So many awards and followers! Congratulations on both!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the Followers! Awesome!

Cassidy said...

100 followers! Holy crap! Good for you! Awesome blog, btw. I'll be 101.

Miss Mayhem said...

Thanks for thanking me for following you! Thanks for the award too!

Gabrielle said...

yay for a 100 followers! thanks for doing the awards!!!!! Your blog is beautiful and inside and out you are too :))

tiana lachelle said...


ツ♥Maly™♥ said...

101* grats grats grats! :D
Thnx for the award! its gonna be hell to pick 10 faves! :D

Tali said...

awesome random Wednesday post =) u deserve all of those follower and awards...and oohh I love vogue and blake lively. Although my mom doesn't allow me to read vogue, only Teen Vogue...but still I <3 it. lots and lots of love <3333

Talia said...

wowwwww somehow my comment posted when I was just about to put the A to my name so the last comment was mine if u didn't know....haha

Mizz Ali said...

OMG! Congrats Abby! Your blog TOTALLY deserves it! + All the awards!!!!!!!

mel said...

aww thankyou abby:) and for the award too, sweet gorgeous girl, seriously you and your friends are also incredibly stunning! i looked at you dance pics;) looks like a fun night! and congrats on 100 followers , that is awesome, i think 101 now! heh have a fab weekend

Mizz Ali said...


Brooklynn said...

Thank you Abby dear(:

Ruth said...

Congratulations! You totally earn those 100 followers :)

richelle jean said...

congrats on the followers. :) i felt so excited when i hit 100 too

Anonymous said...

thanks for the award (:


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your followers!!
Your blog is awesome!


ЯANdOM ЯAWR ◊ said...

Wow, 100 is a lot, and you always seem to be getting awards (because you're awesome)!

That-girl said...

Woah! 100 followers, though I'm not surprised. :P

Thanks for the lovely award :)


Athena. said...

aww yay, well done on all the followers and the awards!

Charlotte said...

Hey Abby

Thanks for giving me an award! That really made me flutter. (Hehe...flutter.)


Dandalily said...

And you looked so pretty in those photos in your last post.


Suyinsays said...

ohhhhhhhhh i love blak lively! and thank you for taking the time to write all our names you lovely gal!

Sarah said...

Hey, Abby! It's me, Sarah, from L.H. Haven't talked to you in a while, but I totally miss you!!! You were a great internet bestie!!! Well, I didn't have much of a meaning to comment...I guess I just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking about you (UGH, it makes me sound like a creepy-ish dude that never got over his girlfriend...which I totally AM NOT, I just wanted to say hi to a friend!). So, yeah, idk if this comment made much sense at all sooo ttyl! XOXO, Sarah<3

~Abby~ said...

Sarah-hahah no prob. :) do you still go on? I don't anymore some people were just getting on my nereves!!!!!
so what have you been up to?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the awards! :D

Omg I like
I can't be tamed by Miley Cyrus too!

It's a really catchy song!


Happy Weekend!

Megan said...

I just realised i wasn't following yoy! Shock horror! I am now my dear. Congrats on your many many followers. Your blog is a joy to read.

Erimentha said...

thanks for the award ab! :)