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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Nick & John at the Jammin Java♥

Hello, everyone!
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Nick Jonas and his main man John Taylor(he's hilarious) were at the Jammin Java at Washington D.C. about a week ago. It was free! Rather small, and acoustic. He done a TON of really good songs of his that I love. Like the ones that are rarely played at concerts. (Disclaimer: I was not there!)

He also done a mashup of Rocketeer, Teenage Dream and Just the Way You Are. WHAT DO YA KNOW? I love ALL of those songs! I had actually never heard Rocketeer before, and Nick's version is beautiful.♥ So I looked it up, put it on my iPod, and now I've been singing it all day, everyday. Even at school. :)


John Lloyd Taylor.! :D

Here are some of my favorite vids...

Very short song. It's from their show Jonas. But a lot of fans(including myself) just LOVED it and the guitar in the song is amazing. :)

A COUNTRY version of S.O.S. !!!! You silly boy Nicholas! ;)

Ahhh, my favorite. He wrote this himself, and you can't buy the song anywhere. He hasn't done a studio version of it(yet, hopefully.) It's sooooo amazing and beautiful, just like him. ♥

I just really really really hate how the fans sing along SO LOUDLY. Like, really? I want to hear NIck singing. Oh, well.......



ChinkyGirLMeL said...

OMG! I heart these guys! If they had a free concert in San Francisco I would have gone and tried to make my way all the way to the front just to get a closer view of these two. =)

Francesca said...

it's impossible not to love Nick Jonas. :)

Anonymous said...

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Stephanie said...

Pretty awesome! Haha, I agree about the fans...XD Shhh.