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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cassie's Therapy Video; March 2011

Hello everyone. :)
The wonderful Erimentha has tagged me with her own tag that she made up called "Cassie's Therapy Tag."
Quoted by Eri:
"The tag is based on a TV show called Skins and is a therapy video for one of the character's called Cassie. If you haven't seen it, please watch it HERE."
I haven't been tagged in a while; thanks girl! :)

It's very simple:
The task is: fill in 12 likes, 1 love and 8 hates like Cassie in her therapy video. Below, the bolded things are what you MUST include. Also, please make sure you link it back to me, and link it onto 3 other blogs you admire!

Abracadabra, Wow!
I like boys with with the cutest smiles and girls who are sarcastic.
I like waking up happy.
I like beautiful, sunny days like this one.
I like weddings.
I like meeting new people.
I like when my mom brings me home McDonalds for breakfast.
I like pink post-it notes.
I like beautiful curly hair. (But not mine.)
I like sweet kisses from you.
I like being alone sometimes.
I like watching movies.
I like imperfect pictures.
I love when Monday's turn out to be awesome.
Today Is my boyfriend & I's 5 months. :)
In some ways, I love everything.
Its less, its less of a thing to like, its less distinct, its less particular
I like things that I like but I love everything
There’s more choice in like
Cos even the worst things have things you love in them
I don’t know what you mean about things I hate
I hate school.
I hate the show Teen Mom.
I hate fake people.
I hate when people complain about people complaining.
I hate spray tans. (It doesn't look good on anyone. I don't care how pretty you are or how much you paid for it.)
I hate when people tell me to calm down when I'm perfectly calm.
I hate mistakes, but in a way, that's how I learn to be better.
I hate arguing with people who won't let up.
I hate this, wow. . .Sorry.

Hm...I tag: (and I suggest you check their blogs won't regret it!)

Have a lovely weekend. :)



Kaleena J. said...

thanks for the tag :) i'll do this!! i liked reading your answers.

Barry said...

Here through Avy's blog. I like this post Abby, what a great first intro! You seem like a pretty positive person. "..even the worst things have things you love in them."


Congrats on you and your boyfriend's 5th anniversary! :)

Emma said...
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Emma said...

Aww I love Cassie!
Congrats on your 5 months btw (:

Amy said...

I've always wanted to do one of these tags, just to give me something to do, but I wouldn't really know what to say for some of them.

Congrats on you and your boyfriend's five month anniversary!

Eeshie said...

Your blog is amazingly awesome-tastic!


Did I sound like a creep? Good. That's what I was aiming for.


Cas said...

Aw I remember this tag :)

Bree said...

girl! I love this!:)

my fave is "Cos even the worst things have things you love in them"

so true! wait u have a boyfriend?! so happy for you:) tell me details!

xoxo, Bree

Erimentha said...

congrats on the 5 mouths abby! :) :) <3 i hate when people try to calm me down when i'm fine too! thanks for doing the tag, take care xx

tywo said...

You are so lovely!
I hope your week is going well.