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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Well, everyone's complain.
Someone asked me on formspring,

"Can you Un-delete your blog, just to have it there?? Please pretty pretty please!! You don't have to post but at least I can go on it and just play around! PLEASE???!!!!!"

So there you go.

Ball season is almost over, I might just do a post when I have time.
I'm sorry for not even telling you all that I was going to delete it.
I just didn't want you to beg me, and then I'd change my mind.

I understand if you're mad.



Teresauras said...

Yaay! I'm glad it's here, just to you know look at still!

↘Cassidy↙ said...

woah woah woah woah woah woah!!!!

you were going to WHAT? i missed that. hello, WHY? this blog is freakin awesome, don't delete it! deleting blogs never makes any sense. i tried to delete most of mine, but i kept on undeleting them. i love them too much.

Gabrielle said...

Yaaaaay! Sorry if we were annoying, you're just soooo special. We love ya!

<3 <3

Shay said...

Yayy!! Thats great cause everyone needs something happy to look at once it a while and your blog has always seemed happy. :) Love Ya!!

Romi said...

Are you keeping this blog?
A new follower.

Talia said...

Oi, I can't believe you were going to delete it =( That's awful. We would all miss you too much. I'm really glad you decided to un-delete it. What I don't get though is WHY you were going to delete it in the first place? This blog is awesome, as well as you! I hope you don't stop posting. That would really suck. Lots of love <3