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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Random Wednesdays!!!

Hey ya'll! Lol.
How long has it been since I've done a Random Wednesdays...FOREVER!
I decided: "Hey, I'mma finally do one!"
If you're a new-ish reader and don't know what it is...the description is pretty much in the title. I just post random pictures, videos, whaterver.
Last night was the anual basketball game between the Austin Eagles(us) and Scottsburg Warriors(my boyfriend goes there). Their town is right next to ours, and we are HUGEEE rivals. We have two games, the girl's and boy's game. Last night was the girls' game. We lost. :( Not by much though. It was so saddening. We were state champs last year, and we wanted to win so bad! I'm the manager, and when I saw a senior girl on our team crying after the game, I got tears in my eyes. But they played their best and done really good, I am so proud of our Lady Eagles :) Tonight is the boy's game and I play in the band. I'm so pumped!
See the horrid purple & gold. That's Scottsburg. The lovely black & white is us. Our cheer block was awesome! :D
We had MUCH more than that!


I took this...right outside my house....

If you haven't seen the Rapist Intruder video..your life is not complete!!! GO!!!!

I worked at an auction this weekend for a charity(all of the money went towards it.) It aired on our community channel and I videoed it. 'Twas pretty hectic.

AHHH! This is from the movie White Chicks. This was ALWAYS me and my brother's favorite part of the whole movie, and when I found a picture about it, I was like YES! EPIC WIN!

Today is my last day of school for the week. I'm off Thursday and Friday, plus the weekend. YES! I plan on chowing down, visiting my family, watching my soap operas and hanging with my boyfriend. ♥

Have a great Thanksgiving!




ツ♥Maly™♥ said...

yay abby posted :D

Stina Lindenblatt said...

I love the HP one. Yep, they look like they've got tons of school spirit. ;)

Oddyoddyo13 said...

Haven't seen one of these in a while! Haha, awesome. :) I loved the Harry Potter pic-that is me at school in a nutshell.

Amy said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Love the Harry Potter photo!

Rezden said...

Great post. Wanted to let you know they know who the bed intruder is and are searching for them, here is the video.

Great pics and have fun at the next game.

Christiejolu said...

Only one thing to say....FREE BIRD!!!!!!

rose said...

you're school seems like SO much fun!

with all the cheerleaders, and bands and everything,
rose xxxx

Melanie♥♥♥ said...

Aww...that sucks! It sounds like you guys tried so hard, so it's not really losing. You'll win next time. I know it.
Haha the pics are so funny and cute!

Anonymous said...
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↘Cassidy↙ said...

yeah, i saw that video with a bunch of my friends! it's funny. lol :) cool post <3

cassidy the monia

NabilaHazirah said...

Happy Thanksgiving Abby!! Your school seems so much fun! Its okay Abby,You'll win next time and wow you're the manager? COOL!!


Brookie said...

Awesome post! I'm new to your blog but I already love Random Wednesdays :) please check out my blog (and follow =]) at

Thank you I love your blog!

Erimentha said...

hey abby, sorry i havent been keeping up with your blog and your amazing life! i really miss reading it, but i've just been so busy with school lately :( hope you have a fantastic weekend with your boyfriend, friends and family.
much love,
eri xx

tywo said...

The pictures are so cute!!
I missed your random Wednesdays!
I hope your week is going well.


Hannah said...

The Harry Potter picture: they look really excited. For real. Haha, that was sooo lame of me. Missed your Random Wednesdays. =)