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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Myrtle Beach Part IV

Heyy everyone! If you didn't read about my first day of high school read it here: HERE!
So for my early bday, I got these 3 awesome things!FIRST the Jonas Brothers first album "It's About Time." !! They don't sell these in stores anymore!! ♥

Then I was at the mall and I saw a Jonas Brothers cut-out in the window...of course had to go in. But I liked this better and HAD TO GET IT! :
Yes people I got a freaking NICK JONAS CUT OUT!!!! ♥ Breanne has a Joe. :)
But OMJ I love it so much!!!!
And then I got an awesom-istic shirt I've been wanting:

The Breakfast Club! One of my favorite movies! :)

SO NO I'M NOT DONE yet with Myrtle Beach...yeah I'M BADDD! Haha. But there's this & one more post, and that one is really short because it's my last day.
This was one of the funnest (I know NOT a word) days!

We went and took some pics on the beach...

So, some of you may have heard of the Dixie Stampede. It's in 3 different places in America, including Myrtle Beach. Dolly Parton owns it (Ugh I hate her music/voice!) It's all basically historical entertainment. It's all about what it was like back in the Civil War time...but not so greusome. Haha. It's just a big stadium and there is a "North" and "South" side. (We were on the Norht Side. :) But they talk to the audience and let the audience interact a lot. They let some people come down and compete in contests. And whichever side has the most "ribbons" at the end of the show wins. We sat on benches with big brown tables just spreading throught the whole long row.

But before the actual show you have to go to a preshow. See the hanging seats? That's where we sat, but on the other side, obviously. Lol.

This guy was the preshow. He just done a bunch of random tricks; he was really good! And yeah this is him balancing a ladder! With a chin guard of course...

Woo hoo! It was starting! And sorry for the blurry pictures. There was no flash allowed because it might spook the horses.

Go North!!!

It was a really neat show!

Then this one girl comes out riding on two horses; one foot on each horse!

Then she jumped through a ring of fire!

I love how they just broke into song at any time. This was probably my favorite scene. Everyone was "'settlin down for the night" and they unloaded all of their stuff and just started dancing on it and singing. :)

AND THEN THE FOOD! OMG that is the biggest part!!! Now, I would've taken a picture of my whole plate of food, but they'd bring one or two things out at a time and I couldn't just let it sit there! This was the fullest I'd ever been in my life; and not just me, my whole family! There was chicken (above; delicious!), corn on the cob (I ate two of those), a potato, barbeque pork loin, creamy vegetable soup (what everyone comes for-my mom even bought some in the gift shop and just now cooked it at home the other day!), biscuit and an apple pie. And there was unlimited pepsi or tea. Of course I drank about 10 glasses of pepsi! But when we left I seriously thought I was gonna die! And I had some trouble walking...

And this was the ending scene!

Afterwards you could go down there & pet the horses.

Only thing is the South won. :(

Today is Demi Lovato and my nanny's birthdays! Happy Birthday to 2 amazing people! :)

Agh, got a Spanish, Algebra 2 and English test today! Wish me luck!

Have a good weekend.



Meleonieeee - ♥ said...

Lol, uughh, I hate that feeling over being too full :P Sounds like the show was great fun! I love the picture of you and your brother on the beach! Good luck on your tests! I had a geography one today :S

Mizz Ali said...

I love the pics :) WOW You ALMOST have 150 followers!! Soooo close! LOL! :P

Good luck with the tests! The teachers seem to have fun torturing us and making our lives a boring chore of learning!

Toongen said...

You got It's About Time?! Lucky bitch!

Shannon said...

Your so lucky and thats sounds so fun! And the food looks delicious no im hungry i have to go have
breakfast ahaha

Jade said...

i've been to something similar to that in myrtle beach, except it was medieval times. we almost went to the one u went to! i was sooo full, too.
good luck on ur english, alg. 2, and spanish tests!

Francesca said...

First, that is one epic cutout. Freaking amazing.(:
Second, that looks like so much fun! And I'm jelous of that meal!
And third, good luck on your tests!

Kristen said...

Sounds like you had an amazing time!! The ring of fire thing looked risk-ay. . .good luck in high school!!

Talia said...

Sounds like the second day was the best for you! =) It seemed really fun, and the food sounds amazing! I wish I was there with you, haha.Great early birthday prezzies! Plus be sure to say Happy B-day to your Nanny for me =) Good luck on your tests! Lots of love <3

Oddyoddyo13 said...

I went to one of those shows once-it was a little different though. A lot more "showy"-no storyline. :)

Sam said...

Okay I was on formspring and I saw you are a size 1! I am so jealous. I am a 3 or 4 depending on brands. I have really wide hips though and then i have rather big thigh muscles. Blog post was soooo cute. I absolutely love the jbs and happy early bday. I think you might want to update your about you.

tywo said...

Oh Abby, you are having so much fun!
I'm so jealous of your meal! I just had the worst tasting cereal in the world. Fiber 1. It was all that was left in the house..haha
Have a good weekend.


Rosalie said...

Happy early birthday!
It looks like you had so, so, so much fun at Myrtle Beach! I want to go there.
>.< Rosalie

Camelgirl said...

Wow, sounds busy, but fun, and you're reallly pretty by the way.

Tiffany said...

Loved the post :)

I wanna go to the show! Sounds like a lot of fun (and a lot of food)!

I'd wish you good luck on the tests, but I already know you'll ace 'em ♥


.sabo skirt. said...

gorgeous, looks like a lot of fun =)

stop by our fashion blog, we hope you love it!

.sabo skirt.

Hannah said...

Good luck and Happy Birthday! =)

NabilaHazirah said...

omg,looks so fun!!
good luck for your tests!
I'm sure you'll do well!


maggeygrace said...

Yay! I've been waiting for you to post again so I could comment you back :) I always feel SO guilty when people comment me and leave me nice words, and then I go to their blog to comment backkk, and they haven't updated their blog when I've already commented on their last post hahaha. It's like, ahhh! I didn't forget you! I promise. So, Abby, I haven't ignored all your adorable comments, I promise!

I love that you have a cutout in your room. That is SO fabulous hahaha :) I wonder if they have TAYLOR SWIFT ones! EEEP.

I wish you best of luck on the tests :) I'm sure you'll do wonderful. If you study, most of the time you overstudy studying, so it can't be half bad :)

I adoreeee you and your comments BRIGHTEN my day. Thank you dear Abby:)

rebecca said...

happy birthday!! and good luck with the tests (: