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Friday, August 13, 2010

First Day of High School

Happy Friday the 13th you all! Don't get yourselves killed or nothing...

Ohhh crap now this is why I was going to write down what happened on the first day of high school ON THE first day at home; so I wouldn't forget. Oh well. I'll do my best!
Monday was the first day. This has been the longest week of my life!
I listened to Demi while I was getting ready. :)
I wasn't really nervous.
Band was first of course. We have a new band teacher this year, Mr. Hougland. He's short and has red hair. He's nice, but strict. But I think we'll do better this year (playing wise) with him as our instructor. I love band so much! It's so fun and we have the most hilarious/random/coolest high schoolers in there. We always have a good time.
Soo I love my locker! "Why is that, Abby?" you say.? Well, it's at the very beginning of a row of lockers, so no one's locker door is gonna swing in my way to get in my locker (because there is no locker on my left side) and my combination is awesome! The first two numbers are my birthday!8-22(and then another number I don't want to reveal because I don't want to give my locker combo away.) Isn't that awesome? And no, they don't assign you any sort of combination, each locker just has one already in it.
Biology was next. As soon as we got in there, Mr. Hawn (an older man. He's flipping hilarious!) told us to arrange ourselves in alphabetical order. That was understandable. But he made us do it ourselves. So we all got in the back of the room and done it. I was first row, second seat. Right behind Sean Abney. The most annoying person EVER! Ugh. Buuttt I do sit by the emergency exit door that leads to outside, so I can gaze outside. Haha.
I swear, there is no time to use the bathroom. But I mean, it's the same as the middle school! 4 minutes. But I just always barely make it in time in the classroom.!
WOO HOO FINALLY for the first time I have a study hall! HALLELUJAH. I really wanted one so I signed up for it the first semester. There's a lot of people in there, but we can be quiet. I'm so glad I have one, because I'm always forgetting to do something, so that class is a lifesaver.
Now, after 3rd period I went to first lunch. There's first lunch for high school, then the middle school lunch, then second lunch for high school. I was first lunch. Which sucks, cause it's really early. But then 2nd lunch is too late! The middle school is at the perfect time.
BUTTTT now I have second lunch. It got all screwed up. But now I'm glad, because I like second lunch better. Only if Breanne was in there it'd be perfect! :/
After lunch was Algebra 2. Of course, I have to sit the front desk so I can see the board. (I'm so blind!) It's weird being in there with like, 4 other freshman and then miscellaneous sophomores, juniors, and even 2 or 3 seniors. Mrs. Sterk, the teacher, is really nice. She seems to be helpful, so that's good. Because even though I am in Algebra 2, I kind of get really confused in math! But I still pull my grade off with an A or A-.
Next was World History with Mr. Herald. We could've either took World History or Geography. I would much rather have WH. :) This class I look forward to the most. I think this will be the class I learn the most in.
I had been waiting for English with Mr. Plasse all day. He is a huge tree hugger. But so am I, so it's all good. :) Now that I've been in there all week, it seems like English class will be the hardest. I just think we're going to have a lot of challenging work ahead of us!
Spanish was my last period of the day. I knew Ms. McNew was crazy...but GEEZ! She is insane! But when me and her just talk, she's not that bad. In class I just don't say anything. But I'm really excited to be learning Spanish. I can't wait until all 3 years of it so I can fully speak the language! :)

And that's about it!
I like most of my teachers and classes, but it's going to be a long year!!!

This weekend I'm going with my cousins for my early birthday present. We're going to this place called "Rascal's Fun Zone" (where we usually go) to ride go carts and stuff. I always whoop 'em! ;) And yay I get my breakfast club shirt and It's About Time (the first Jonas Brothers cd) album when I get there! (They ordered it for me off of Ebay.)
AND THE CONCERT WAS AMAZING! Post coming soon!...

Have an awesome weekend guys!
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ツ♥Maly™♥ said...

Was this a scheduled post or did you post it at school?

Talia said...

Hm it seems like your fairly enjoying High School...I'm glad! All of your teachers sound cool, and so do your classes! I'm pretty positive your going to do amazing this year =) Lots of love <3

Anonymous said...

i'm really glad you enjoyed your first week. sigh of relief. :)

Addie said...

That is so awesome! Sounds like you're going to have a great year :)
Haha Friday the 13th... yesterday was pretty bad for me, so I don't think today will get worse...

maggeygrace said...

I'm glad you had such a good first day of school! Haha :) It was horrible, on my first day, I wore the cutest skirt/top combo ever and my crush and I were making eyes in my biology class the WHOLE time, and then when I was walking out, my skirt got caught tucked into my spandex. And of course, being me at 14, I decided to strut myself and show off my bootayyy, and he saw the whole thing.

We dated for a few months after that, but it wasn't until monthsss after the incident hahaha;)

Jade said...

it sounds like you're gonna have a pretty good year. oh my god, ur spanish teacher sounds exactly like my french teacher. a tad cukoo, but so nice. i haven't started school yet, it's in like three weeks or so, but i already know who my teachers will be, and i have the same foreign lang. teacher again like last year, and i'm so glad cuz she doesn't get frustrated easily and she's really sweet and always laughing w/ us.

aww, i'm jealous. you have W.H., while i have U.S. history, which i HATE. oh, well, maybe next year?

okay, bye :)

Carrie said...

i remember my first day of high school. It was so nerve-racking but i eventually got used to it:D
Have the best time ever. it goes by really fast. I can't even believe i'm a junior now!


Oddyoddyo13 said...

LoL When you talked about having to sit next to that annoying guy and the emergency exit I thought you were going to say it was good so you could make a quick escape.

Reina said...

hey, excuse the lateness of this response, but ohmygosh! that does suck to wake up to a dream where someone's trying to shoot you!!!!

i SO hope you like high school because i LOVED my freshmen year. its so much FREAKING better than middle school in terms of how much free-er you feel and you get to mingle with upperclassmen and i now know some really cool upperclassmen! have a FANTASTIC year!! whooohooo to starting high school!
ahh. english was my hardest class too last year. but i probs learned the most from that class.

Anonymous said...

Well your first day sounds a lot better than mine. Our schools seem a lot different.... well when I post about mine you'll know what I mean

NabilaHazirah said...

That was a good start!
You're going to have an amazing year Abby!!
I can see it coming already :)


Francesca said...

I'm glad you loved your first day of high school! And I really can't wait to hear about the jonas brothers concert. (:

Gabrielle said...


<3 Gabrielle

Judith said...

Hihi, it is really nice to read this! It's like I'm back to highschool again....

{ felicity } said...

congrats on making it through your first week, but watch out next thing you know it'll be halfway over.


Tori said...

Hi sweety,

I loved reading about your day. It was so cute! And so American. Are you from America? It sounds like you are.
I love the words freshman/semester/study hall haha.

Love your blog!

Follow me back? @

Keep at it! I haven't EVER listened to the Jonas Brothers but i'll give them a shot, just for you.


Tori xox

Anonymous said...

Nice to bump with this blog. I must say it is very CREATIVE! .. Hope to hear from you. And keep posting!

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ЯANdOM ЯAWR ◊ said...

American high schools sound so great, I wish mine was as awesome as your's! So glad you had a successful day and didn't end up sitting in the toilets during your breaks a la Mean Girls :P