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Thursday, July 29, 2010

MY 100TH POST!!!!

Heyyyy everyone!
I don't think it's much; I just did what I wanted to do.

FIRST OFF sorry it took so long! The think that took the longest was uploading my vlog on to YouTube; that takes like 3 hours, & I kept getting interrupted or my computer would crash, so I would have to redo it!
UGH. SO, thanks for all of the help on what to do! I really didn't know what to do..but I already knew that I wanted to give an award to ALL of my followers!

Ain't it cute? ;) So all of my followers can take it! BUT DON'T GIVE IT AWAY on your blog; obviously. Just keep it-as a gift from me to you! Now, if you have just stumbled upon my blog, & want this award, go ahead, follow me; you can have it!
You all wanted me to do something w/ 100-some said just a biography, some my 100 favorite photos (WAY TOO HARD) or 100 things about me. I decided on the later. It was really hard, and this list is not in any particular order, and it's kind of unorganized, but hey, who cares?

1. I love to receive mail! :)
2. Music can ALWAYS make me happy when I'm sad, and I'm constantly listening to it.

3. I'm a straight A student. I've made 1 B on a report card in 6th grade.
4. I AM OBSESSED WITH DEMI LOVATO(amazing voice, beautiful, great personality, what's NOT to like?) & THE JONAS BROTHERS. I am a huge fan and I'm going to their concert August 10th. It will be the best night of my life.!
5. Nick Jonas is my love. We will get married & have beautiful kids!

I mean how can we NOT? LMAO. ;D ♥
6. I haven't had a crush in a while, but now I do. (NO someone other than Nick. Haha.)

OKAY some music facts:

7. I usually like all of Jason Derülo's songs, but not his newest "Ridin Solo." UGH I hate it! :(
8. I love 80's music & I grew up on Kid Rock and Eminem's old, dirty songs. Not really appropriate for a 5 year old, but my dad said I wouldn't listen to anything else! ;)
9. The song Tik Tok is NEVER going to get old for me.
10. Me & Taylor Swift have a love/hate relationship. I'm hoping her new album will be good!
11. I dislike Justin Bieber's music. (I'm not going to say I hate him because I don't know him!)
12. I play the clarinet. First chair baby! :)
13. I'll be a freshman 6 days!
14. I I hate the color purple, which is ironic because I had a purple phone for 2 years. :/
15. I've never broken a bone, gotten stitches, or had a surgery. (KNOCK ON WOOD!) The only "serious" injury I've had is when I was 3 and I fell down & my tooth went through my lip. (Bottom lip.) I still have a little scar!
16. I learned to say my ABC's backwards at the age of 2. Here's the story: my dad was in Louisiana for some reason I don't know with his friends, and this little girl about 6 years old was saying her ABC's backwards at this talent show. My dad was telling his cousin Misty (who was also babysitting me at the time) about it. Misty said "Well Abby Lynn can do that!" And my dad was like "NO she's only 2" and then they bet like 20 dollars or something & sure enough Misty taught me in like a week. :D And now it's stuck in my mind! I don't ever remember learning it, and I don't have to say it every once in a while just in case I will always be there.
17. My name is Abby Lynn Hall. My last name used to be Jewell; my mom's maiden name. My mom never did take the time to change it, so it stayed with me until I was like 4! That's weird to me.! Like, to this day, my name would be Abby Jewell. Haha but my dad said "She's a Hall so that's what her name will be!"
18. When my mom went into labor my Aunt Sharon drove her to the hospital, which was about 40 minutes away. When they got in the parking garage she ran into the brick wall & then they went in the wrong exit. Gotta love Aunt Sharon. ;)
19. I love writing the @ symbol. Haha:D
20. I owe my friend Taylor Jeffries $3.75 from when we went on a field trip in 5th grade & she bought me a souvenir because I forgot my money. Like I said, we're going to be freshman. :) I think I'll give it to her @ graduation! (From high school.)
21. I hate odd numbers.
22. <---is my favorite number. (My Bday: Aug 22. dad's bday: nov 22. uncle's bday: July 22...22 is just a good number! :)
23. I overwrite everything & include too much detail.
24. I always bite my nails. (So does my dad.)
25. I love eyeliner.
26. I'm going to be a lawyer. I want to live in Northern California.
27. I want to live in Northern California when I grow up.
28. I want 2 (or 3) kids. Girl name: Ailea Grace. Boy name: ???
29. I fall down/spill stuff all of the time.
30. I'm a spaz. ;)
31. I don't chew gum often. It gives me a headache. :/ People at school call me a freak because of it. Want to know why? Okay here's your basic scene everyday before the bell rings for class: "DOES ANYONE HAVE GUM? I NEED SOME GUM!!!! PLEASE!" <--that's your basic kid @ our school. Haha.
32. I hate when Amber alerts come on the radio,...the man's voice is freaky & it's all freaks me out!

33. I get my craziness from my dad.
34. I get my obsessiveness from my mom
35. I hate EVERYTHING about the 90s! The fashion & music! I mean, people would throw on a huge tshirt & some tight, ugly pants and pronounce themselves cool. UGH they looked hideous! And don't even get me started on what they called "rap."
36. I have sooooo many different hand writings. Like, I write sloppy, neat, sideways, straight, light, dark,...& I don't mean to! I can't just stick to 1 handwriting! I think it all depends on my mood & if I'm in a hurry or not.
37. My favorite animals are bears. First off, my favorite animal is a panda bear, but I love koalas, polar bears, grizzly bears & black bears. They're just so cute to me. :)
38. I suck at Guitar Hero & Rockband. :/
9. I've never had a brain freeze.
40. My closet door is always closed. I'm always afraid that I'll be laying in my bed & the closet door will be cracked open & a pair of yellow, glowing eyes will be staring back at me!
41. My mom calls me cold hearted. Haha. She said I won't even be crying over boys when I start dating them & I'll be breaking hearts. Yeah, mom, sure...
42. You better not believe I'll be doing a "200 list" when I get to my 200th post! :P
43. I'm an early riser. I always have been!

Okay, some facts on movies/actors/actresses:

44. I never laughed on the movie "Superbad." I mean, I loved it, and when a funny part came on, I'd think to myself, "Ha, that was funny." But I didn't laugh.
45. I like action/mystery better than romance. :)
46. I have only cried on one movie. I Am Sam starring Sean Penn & Dakota Fanning. (Her first movie I think.) & yes, I've seen The Notebook & My Sister's Keeper. ;)
47. I am #TeamBooksAreBetterThanTheMovies
48. I laugh so hard on Mean Girls on the part when the two Asian twins are fighting and that one dude says "Take your top off!" I find it HI-LARIOUS! I am also #TeamGottaWatchMeanGirlsEveryTimeItComesOnTV
49. My fave movies: Titanic, The Breakfast Club, Cold Mountain, The Other Boleyn Girl, The Dark Knight, Changeling, Girl Interrupted, Step Brothers, Mean Girls, Next, Kick-Ass, Juno, Walk the Line, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, The Lovely Bones, Up, Toy Story 1, 2, and 3.
50. I love Cocoa Pebbles. :) Since the age of 2.
51. I like my ramen noodles w/ ketchup. :D
52. I love ketchup. I put it (like I said, on my ramen noodles) on my bologna & cheese sandwhiches & I tried ketchup flavored chips the other day & they are DELISH! :) And sometimes at lunch I just eat ketchup straight out of the packet.
53. I love steak fat! :D Yum.
54. I HATE skittles! Yuck. I've never met anyone who doesn't NOT like them. So comment & tell me if you hate Skittles cause you will be the first one I've met before! :P
55. I hate Vitamin Water, root beer & tea.
56. I peel the top crust off of my sandwiches.
57. I hate peanut butter.
58. I hate bananas.
59. I hate pop tarts in the toaster.
60. My favorite pop tart flavor is chocolate chip.
61. My favorite food is chicken fedduccini.

63. I don't buy many books...I usually just borrow them from the library. I only buy my favorite books or classics.
64. I have been a bookworm for as long as I can remember!
65. I won "Class Bookworm" in 5th grade.
66. I love Twilight AND Harry Potter..YES it is possible!
67. I ♥ Draco Malfoy. Yummmyyy.
67. The Secret Garden was my first "big" book that I read. I read it in 4th grade.
68. I am currently reading "Little Women" & "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban."
69. I can't really narrow any book to my "favorite book" but here is a wide range (I may be forgetting some) of my favorite books: Twilight Saga, Harry Potter series, all Sarah Dessen books, Uglies Triology, Clique series, Alice in Wonderland, Girl Interrupted, Impulse(& all Ellen Hopkins books), The Other Boleyn Girl, Peak, Chains(& all Laurie Halse Anderson books), all Meg Cabot books, The Lovely Bones..probably lots more but just can't remember all that I've read!
70. I'm Team Edward all the way! :) I hate the wolves!

71. I am taking place in a birthday project for Demi Lovato (her birthday is August 20...same as my grandmas! & 2 days before mine! :) I sent the people who is running it a video of me saying happy birthday to her.! :D

Okay so I know I had a place for music but now I remembered some things & I'm just gonna put them here.
72. Beautiful by Eminem & Just Dance by Lady Gaga are my all-time favorite songs.
73. My favorite Jonas Brothers song is "Sorry." ("Fly With Me" came in a close second!)
74. My favorite Demi Lovato song is Here We Go Again.
75. I absolutely ADORE "Make A Wave" by Joe & Demi.
76. I HATE COUNTRY MUSIC! Except a select few...I love Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert & the occasional Lady Antebellum songs.

77. I've been working on this list for 5 days.
78. I have 4 freckles on my face.
79. I have a red birthmark on my hip. They're pretty rare. Comment & tell me if you have one!
80. WOO HOO 20 left! :D
81. I am making this up as I go.
82. My toenails are rarely painted...& when I do they stay that color until it all chips off. Yeah I'm pretty lazy.
83. I'm #TeamDoesn'tWannaGetMyHairWetInSwimmingClass
84. I rarely post vlogs because a) I mess up a lot & b) it takes like, an 11 minute video 3 hours to upload on you tube. It's freaking ridiculous!
85. I don't go to the movie theater often...maybe like 4 times a year?
86. I can't wait to see Charlie St. Cloud! Zac Efron=YUM (I've loved him since High School Musical.)
87. I have an EnVTouch. I ♥ it!
88. I don't have an i-pod. (But I'm getting one for my birthday.)
89. My favorite soap operas are The Young and the Restless (my whole family has been watching it since it first started) and One Life to Live. I used to watch All My Children until Zach (Thorsten Kaye) left & it got all stupid.
90. I love the show Flash Forward. (Although it's out of season.)
91. I use to think Desperate Housewives was stupid until my mom got me watching it. It's really not! :)
92. I can't whistle.
93. My hair IS VERRRRYYY THICK! And it is not naturally straight! It is very wavy, but I straighten it.
94. I am 5'5'' & all legs... :P
95. <---This is the year I'm born.
96. I jumped off a huge cliff this weekend. (Post later to come.)
97. I am afraid of fish. Like, if I'm swimming in a lake I'm always paranoid a fish will touch me!
98. I love Des and Nate videos...they're on YouTube. Also, Friday Night Cranks. It's hilarious!
99. My least favorite chore is vacuuming my room.
100. No one knows the real me...HAHA Jk.

So how was that? Yeah kind of crappy, but it was hard!

And some of you told me to maybe give some links to my favorite posts? OKAY!

-Take a look back at this one...I put a lot of funny pics on it:) (it got 37 comments!!!)

BLAH so that's it.
AND HERE IS MY VLOG! This was the 3rd time of trying..I kind of made it all up as I went! AND I PROMISE I DON'T HAVE A LISP! My camera does that to everyone! It may get annoying.
OH and please don't watch it on here because my blog cuts half of the box off! Just click on the video & it will take you right to my youtube & you can see all of it! :) Thanks.
SO A BIG THANKS TO ALL OF YOU who has followed & commented.! It means a lot! A GREAT BIG THANKS to those of you who has stuck with me from the beginning-and to those of you who I've just met & just getting to know!
Now I have to go sign up for high school & get my schedule!yay..not. :/


Anonymous said...

wow I feel so honored to be one of your followers!! you are an amazing young lady!! and I am super SUPER excited to hear about your adventures in High School..I feel so old getting ready to graduate college so you're stories will make me feel young haha!!

Congratulations on 100th #Fist Pump!

Oddyoddyo13 said...

Des and Nate! Heck yes! LoL

Great post. :)

J_B_Lover1 said...

Heyy Abigail!! :) Congratulations on your graduation. Or just your 100th blog post. Haha. Very cool!! :) I guess I wasn't the 1st to comment, but 3rd isn't too bad.

Francesca said...

I love this post! It was fun to read your list of 100 things about you, we have a lot in common! The vlog was great, too. :)

J_B_Lover1 said...

ALSO, I love the vid!! :) Very cute!! :) Man, I haven't been to your house in a while. Your room hasn't changed a lot though. Haha. Anthony was just standing there. AND btw, I LOVE the pics of Nick in your room, and on the post. :) Is that the one that you were having a "moment" over the other day, or was that the one on your bed?

Addie said...

SIX DAYS?! Man you are so lucky... I have 2 weeks :\ I'm sooo bored...
Haha, you and Nick would make an adorable couple!! Seriously!

Loved the blog,and this post! Very fun to read! Congrats on 100 posts!

Anonymous said...

I think it's cool you made a whole list of things about you. Now I know things we have in common and don't! Ehem...peanut butter and bananas... Anywho I did enjoy the cute video as much as the picture and I'm stoked you've made it this far in blogging!!!

Best Wishes for future posts!

Mila said...

hello gorgeous!!

Congrats dear on your 1000th post! and such a great and lovely blog, well done! :)

Also, I am very proud of you you're such a great student! Besides all the amazing and thrilling things we can do in this world, a good education and a serious attitude towards it, is so very important.

Have a beautiful rest of the week.


Anonymous said...

Well that is an awesome post. I also have a birthmark it is shaped like a pair of lips on my leg and it has gotten pretty big... I also hate skittles they are basically candy-coated wax balls. and most people find me weird cause i don't like peanut butter. I really like your post it is awesome and I enjoyed getting to know more about you

write4evr said...

I freckin love you too Abby!

mel said...

abby dearie, what an amaizng 100t h post! i loved what you did, tahkyou for the award<3 and teh 100 things about youm i loved reading, so so pumped for harry potter! and ew justin beiber hhe have a lovely end of week

Anonymous said...

you're so cute on your vlog :]
hehe. congratz on the 100th post


Ruth said...

I'm really glad I'm a follower of yours :)
And I totally LOVED the list of 100 things (read them all and we have quite a few things in common!)

Hopely you have a good schedule :)

Margaret said...

great blog!
loving the posts
stop by some time xx

Dandalily said...


this was epic! i was acutally shocked that you did list 100 facts about yourself >< you can tottaly tell you really love bloging and thats how it should be. :D

love Dandylily

P.S good luck with the telling that person.
P.S.S tottaly pumped for harry potter.

Amy said...

Wow! I don't think I'd be able to come up with 100 facts about myself that quickly. Congrats on having 100 posts!

ツ♥Maly™♥ said...

:D I lurrrve you Abby... Theres 100 reasons why... I could probs think of 50 more!

Mizz Ali said...

OMG congrats :) loved the list as well!

Talia said...

Congratulations on the 100th post! This is my all time favorite post of yours yet. I think you did such a wonderful job, and I really really really enjoyed it. When you mentioned me in your vlog, I felt so honored, like you were a movie star sending out a shout out to me =) I think that if you never made this blog, we'd all be devastated and entirely lost. No one could EVER replace you. Your beautiful inside and out, don't change =) Lots of love <3

NabilaHazirah said...

Abby! this was so much fun to read. glad i know you a lot better now!
(can't wait for the 200th post. loljk :p)


Gabrielle said...

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! I loved reading this post! I HATE SKITTLES! Uuuugh, yuck. When I clicked on your links to your other posts, I knew most of them! It was like nostalgia! Ironically, I made my blog exactly 10 days after you did! Then I found your blog a month later! So glad I did, can't wait for the next hundred posts to come!

<3 <3

Kaleda said...

p.s. awesome post.
super long! xD
here's what i have to say to it:

i also peel the top crust off my toast.

Hannah said...

"Moo moo cow" =) Anyway, I remember all those posts; it seems like so long ago. I also love both Harry Potter and Twilight (Team Edward, too). Friday Night Cranks is awesome. Oh, and thank you for putting my blog in your vlog. I didn't know I was one of the first blogs you read. =) Happy Hundredth Post, Abby!

ЯANdOM ЯAWR ◊ said...

Happy 100th! That is so much, took me ages to read everything, haha. I'll watch the vlog a little later.
Ridin Solo is one of my least favorite songs, hate they way he sings it,

xx Blaize.

Emma said...

Awww you deserve all the followers you have!
I love your accent :D
Btw I tagged you in a post :)

Emma said...

PS. I LOVE Nick Jonas too :D

Cassidy said...

congrats and thnx

Anonymous said...

Great post, Abby!
I didn't do much for my 100th. Yours is fantastic.
I'm proud to be a follower.


Anonymous said...

why arn't you ever on anymore! i miss talking to you!

~Abby~ said...


Reina said...

SOooo. new person to read your blog here!!!!! so you can know me better, i'll comment on all your facts about you (well, not ALL)

duude! im one year your seinor! hahah i just learned that phrase. yea. okay.

i love recieving mail too!

hoooray for your being a straight a student. ugggg. high school is breaking my record! i used to be a straight A student, but my freaking english class this year was HARD AS CRAP!!! my teacher was one of those teachers who you're afraid of because they're so smart. he was cool otherwise.

mehhhhhhh. i dont really like disney stars or their music.

HOLY SHEEEEAAT! in 6 days???? wow. thats darn soon. we dont start until after labor day.

same for not having ever broken a bone!

yes, i can relate to overwriting and including too much detail. i leave ridiculously long comments on blogger ( i have a feeling this is going to be a LONG comment)

i love mascara AND eyeliner. i generally wear both lightly, but mascara is my fave.

HSHAHAH about the gum thing. very true. i can be that kid sometimes. best kind of gum (though u probs wont care ) is orbit mist in peppermint spray. actaully i havent chewed gum since school let out!

"42. You better not believe I'll be doing a "200 list" when I get to my 200th post! :P"

same about the action/mystery movie thing. although, under your favorite movies you have changling, which i reaaaaaly disliked. it was so much more creepy than i excpected! i cant wait to see Salt though!

i hate ketchup and mustard.

i LOVe bannanas!!!!!

:D its fettucini
yeaaa. i would expect the list to be getting hard! 100 random things about yourself is a LOT to come up with !

on the contrary, i buy ALL my books. yea i know, its kinda expensive, but i always use a coupon or buy from amazon.

SAME about being a bookworm! i would die without books. seriously. ummmm. you i should seriously ask me about book reccomendations! but here's one series right now that you might like - its the Private series. super good!

DUDE! i cant whistle either!

oooh. i actaully like vacuming.
i hate scrubbing floors and dusting, and basically everything else chorewise. pretty much, vacuming is the only chore i actaully like.

Okaaaaay! so now you know some about me!!! i will now shut up because i've probs taken up half your comment page!

congrats on your 100th post!

Reina said...
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Reina said...
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Reina said...
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Reina said...
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Reina said...
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Reina said...
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Reina said...

So yea. when i posted my comment it posted it like a million times

i have NO IDEA why. so i deleted all the extra ones

Anonymous said...

Awe you are so cute. Good luck on your first day of freshman year! I'm from Canada so I'm going into grade 10, but I guess in the states that's sophomore? When I read this post (and I read all of it!) it's crazy how alike we are. I hope Demi sees the video you made for her bday! Great post :)

Anonymous said...

great vlog! :)

♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

CONGRATS girl!!!!!!!! :)

I was wondering if you would be interested in being a guest blogger on my blog sometime this month... :)
I know I can always count you to liven things up. :)

Leave me a comment and let me know!

With Love and Blessings,
Bleah Briann

Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

Well done on making it to 100 posts, I find it really interesting that you know the alphabet backwards off by heart.

Anonymous said...

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{ felicity } said...

Congratulations a hundred is pretty damn big.

I've don't cry in movies either, except the bright star.


maggeygrace said...

ahhhh this was so fun!!! I read all of it...hahaha. I hope that doesn't make me lame :) I also watched your video and it was so cute! Your room is so you hehe. STERLING KNIGHT :) he's my favorite. And I love love love fuzzy socks too!!

I loved reading this and getting to see more of your life. Cuteee :)
you're a doll!

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