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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Random Wednesdays and 30 Day Song Challenge Part XIV

Day 14-A song that no one would expect you to love.

I chose She Talks to Angels by Black Crows. Love this song, but I don't think anyone knows I do or expects me to.

And it's time for Random Wednesdays!

Isn't this just adorable? I ♥ sharpies! :)

Bears are my favorite animals. I love when I see pictures of girls dressed up like Indians and have paint on their face and stuff. Just love this pic!

Hahahaha. Batman is my favorite super hero. (Only cause of the Joker though. He's awesome. Especially when Heath Ledger's playing him. :)

This reminds me of myself. :)

Have a lovely evening, everyone!


Addie said...

I love those picture! Especially the batman one... ;)

Jonesy said...

Cute post! love the bear hat. I think that's what it was lol i wouldn't wear it because i'd feel funny but looks cute on the model

Oddyoddyo13 said...

Awesome pictures! lol! The batman one was my favorite. :)

Kakes said...

the batman post cheered up my dreary mood
love you dearestt

Jen said...

Oh Abby I knew I could count on you for a giggle!!! The batman pictures made me laugh out loud!!! That's hilarious!

Oh boy do I love Sharpies!!!!

Oh and the bear hat reminds me of the real world DC they called him panda because he wore a panda hat!!

Lindsay C said...

Sharpies are my favorite !! :) But I always loose them somehow lol.

Anonymous said...

I would expect you to like that song for some reason!

(Heath is awesome)Love the many moods of Batman! LOL!

I thought that picture was you!

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha i love the batman one!
what a great start to my day!

Anonymous said...

I love these pictures.
Adorable post.
Ha, they are right. The Batman one is awesome.


sanchez said...

ahah. So cute.

I have an adorable panda bear hat and I absolutely love it!

Heath ledger is AMAZING.
especially as the Joker

Gabrielle said...

I LOVE RANDOM WEDESDAYS! i love this blog!

Love, love, love

Kakes said...

dearest abby,
how did you get that picture under the "Little Bits of Randomness" at the very top? I can't figure out how to get a picture there!
comment me back on my blog with your answer if thats okay

ЯANdOM ЯAWR ◊ said...

When I was little, I used to hate bears with a passion; not sure why though. But now I find them adorable! Particularly cubs! *squee*

xx Blaize.

sabine cara said...

wow, so many comments!

haha, so adorable.

loving it
xx scarzz

florence grace said...

the photos are so cute :)
i really like the bear one!
ALSO do you have any idea how to change the background of your blog to a pattern? technical stuff just phases me!

TheLittleFlower said...

The sharpies are cute! Batman FTW! hehehe ^^

*this daisy said...

BWAHAHA I love that image of Batman! It's hilarious!!

And Sharpies are awesome. I love how the person drew heart shapes to show how the colours look like. x

Francesca said...

Yay Abby! I can finally come back on your blog! Sorry, my internet was whacked up for a few days. I've gone through and read all of your posts that I've missed! Your random Wednesdays keep getting better and better. :)