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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My 8th grade prosser field trip!!!!

I know it's Random Wednesdays, but I meant to post this yesterday but I didn't have time.

Anyways, on Friday (may 28th) us AMS eigth graders went to Prosser School of Technology and then to a forestry! haha beats being at school! & we got to wear shorts! (thank goodness it was sooooo hot that day!)

This was the first pic of the day. wow i'm so much tanner than riley! (no joking haha!!!!)

This is my best friend Hannah's hair. :) haha. she didn't even know I was taking the picture.

This is me and my favorite teacher ms. schroer. (the one who wrote me nice notes and wants to read my blog.)

Lol Hannah just wanted me to take this picture so she could see if she looked bad (she was feeling terrible that day) and she thought I deleted it, but I like this picture!

We sat around in 1st period for about 20 minutes--then it was time to get on the bus! Oh my gosh when I got on I was like "HOLY SANTA CLAUS SH**!" The busing system was: girls on one bus; boys on another. I knew our grade had more girls, but gosh we were SQUISHED! Later on (after prosser) we switched buses with the boys because their bus was bigger.

Poor Mr. Gray even had to sit in the stairs of the bus! Here is tuning the radio for us! :) Mr. Gray is our school counselor and used to be my 6th grade social studies teacher. He is the only teacher that has never said one mean thing to me. Not EVER. (And I'm not saying teachers aren't supposed to; I mean that's what they're for) Not in social studies class or anything. And I'll tell you: he's old, has a boomy voice and has a quick temper. That's what surprises me: he CAN be mean. (he was my dad's teacher and basketabll coach & my dad got into it with Mr. Gray a lot, but my dad has a temper too!)

I sat beside Makayla & my bff Hannah. Makayla is the funniest person in our grade & she's not afraid of anything. She cracks me up!

The ride there wasn't that bad because we listened to songs on the way there & of course we all sang along!

Me, Hannah and my crazy friend Whitney.

Me and Brooke. You may now her from here: This Is My Life As Brooklynn.

Then we got to the Prosser! We went in, and went in some room that looked like one of those college classes with all of the seats and a little area for the teacher in the front of the room. But the seats are like audotorium seats. He started talking about our future & had a board. He drew a star and said this signifies our dream job or goal. He said most people achieve this by going to college, but you can go to Prosser too. He showed a video of all of the things Prosser offered.

Next, it was time for a tour of it all. We got into groups of 8. Since I was sitting by my friends we were in the same group. Our guides were Prosser students. We got this really cool chick that's name was I-Can't-Remember.

Another prosser guide that had 8 more students wanted to just combine with us, so we did. We went to the nursing station first, and there were A LOT of students coming in and out.

We looked at more stuff, like mechanics. We eventually went out to the green house (and it smelled like pee) and all of a sudden Hannah blurts out "ABBY YOU SHOULD DO THIS! You look like someone who would be in here. DO IT!" And I'm like "Geez Hannah, I still have a few years ahead of me & WHAT? How do I LOOK like someone who'd do this?" Lol. Then everyone else agreed. Thanks guys.

We then got on the other bus, and girls I was the first one on there! I took of quick as lightning to our original bus, grabbed mine and Hannah's stuff, and went and got a seat in the other bus.

We were freaking hungry!

I love pics w/ Sarah because our eye colors are so different. :)

We all sat down and ate lunch. My teacher sat beside me and whatever he was having looked nasty but smelled DELICIOUS! Hannah and I made our way to the football field to play the game of the day. Hannah hadn't even signed up, but she ended up "playing." Actually, she kind of just stood around. And she totally could've played! She's beast!

It was very very very VERY hot outside, so I took my flip-flops on (ahhh the grass felt so good) and lifted my little sleeves up, haha.

Haha my friend Breanne took this picture of me playing. I guess I was hot. (I'm the one in the red shirt & jean capris.)

It got very very tiring and boring. I played for about an hour.
Here's another pic. LOL love this it looks like I'm about to ATTACK!

The field was very big, and I got hot. So, I went to the side of the field and just layed down. On the grass. Hot & sweaty with bugs on me. Ew. But I really didn't care.

My view from where I was laying.

Then I got up & climbed on this big jungle gym thing and I got stuck. I couldn't get down 'cause I was too scared to turn around & I'd fall. So I sort of sat there for a long time unitl I very very very slowly turned around & got down.

I went and found my friend Breanne (the one I'm going to a Jonas Brothers concert with). She and her friends were gathered around 2 bathrooms and they were gagging up a storm. I went in one of them and I almost PASSED OUT! It stunk worse than any bathroom I've EVER SMELLED! Of course, it was just a big hole in the ground.

Before my friend Breanne used the bathroom (she REALLY had to go) she put toilet paper around the seat of course while we held the door open because you want to stay entrapped in the bathroom for as least time as possible!

She stayed in one minute, seven seconds and breathed 3 times!!!!! wow. My other friend stayed in there for a minute thirty. POOR SOUL!

After that, we all needed something to drink so we walked back over to the drink stuff.

My literature teacher Mrs. Caudill was there so I had to get a picture with her. She's small, stubborn, and has the cutest laugh. (It's really high-pitched.)

Me & Breanne. We've been friends for a very long time. :)

Then we saw Mr. Owens (algebra teacher) and of course I had to take a picture with Gay-O. (also know as Little O) I'll tell you guys why my friends and I call him that some other day.

All of us with Mrs. Caudill.

And then before you know it, it's time to go! But first me, Breanne and Alexis HAD to get a pic w/ the bathrooms!

Me by this huge ass oak tree!

By the end of the trip I wanted to jump in that lake! ;/

And I slept on the bus on the way back. We went in the audotorium & watched the Blindside. And guess what? Before the movie started, this retarded kid (really he is. he failed 8th grade) got under the bleachers on the stage of the audotoriu and stayed there the ENTIRE TIME! THE WHOLE MOVIE! And some idiots who were sitting in front of me said-"Camren, clap!" and he would. And no teachers caught him! :/

Well sorry guys that was long! Today is field day @ school and tomorrow is the last day of school. (8th grade graduation) Have a lovely day everyone!



Brooklynn said...

Abs that trip was so much fun.
*& I love all the pictures.
Tomorrow it's all over until August.):
I'll miss you over summer.!

cris (cristal) said...

sounds like u had a great time (: great pictures.

Mizz Ali said...

OMG! i love ALL THE pics! you are SO photogenic!! (hope I spelt it right!) such a cool trip!

Francesca said...

That looks so fun! All your friends seem so nice! :)
Good luck on graduation and have a fun fieldtrip!

tywo said...

So many fun pictures!!!
You guys are really pretty!
Congratulations for graduating!!


Gabrielle said...

Aww your pictures are awesome!!!

<3 <3,

Talia said...

it looks u had a lot of fun. I love seeing pics of u and ur friends (WAIT I'M NOT A 90 YR OLD PEDAPHILER DUDE TRUST ME)because when I look at them I always think..."wow thats true friendship". haha. best of luck on graduation. love ya =)xoxoxo.

Kakes said...

lovley toilets. :)
i'm emailing you back right now!

Oddyoddyo13 said...

Sounds like so much fun!! Tons of pictures too. :)

NabilaHazirah said...

you certainly had a great time!! your grade looks like the type that are fun to hang out with.


mel said...

wow, looks like such a fun field trip! aww you and your friends are all so gorgeous and photogenic:) also looks like you have some awesome teachers, have a fun graduation!

Rosie said...

hello sweet abby!!

thank you so much for the lovely comment you left me, it made me smile lots!!

It sounds like you had a wonderful time, you loook so cute in your pictures!!

this post reminds me of my school days. i miss them a little!


♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

Wow...yeah schools out here now. But I'm homeschooled I don't get a brake. :(
Well looks like you had LOADS of fun. But the real reason I stopped by was to say....

I LURVE YOU ABBBBBYYYYZZZZZ!!!!!! Even when I don't comment...I'm still reading your blog. You make me happy and everytime I see your comment I smile! You're awesome and don't you forget it!

Wih Love and Blessings,
Bleah Briann xoxoxox

Tiffany said...

Lovely pictures! My favorite is the one with you and Breanne- it's really pretty :) Glad you had fun!

ЯANdOM ЯAWR ◊ said...

You took a photo of a toilet. Alright then ... Hahaha!
Looks like so much fun :D

Alexandra ( LO ) said...

Very cute post :)

Love the blog.

please follow me, and I'll follow you.

<3 Alexandra