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Friday, June 25, 2010

Graduation(Last day of School)

Hey guys. :)
SO noow I'm going to put my graduation pics up! This was also the last day of school. We didn't do anything this day, just sat around till one o' clock for our graduation! Ahhh middle school is finally over!

Of course we all wore our 8th grade shirts. This is me and Tay Tay. Her name is Taylor, but we all call her that. We used to be best friends in elementary school, but we're still good friends.

Me, Brooke, and Shelby.

This is me and a different Shelby. I love this pic of us!

Ahhh I love this! This is my best friend Hannah and Chris arm wrestling. Hannah has really big muscles, and her and Chris were always arguing who'd win in an arm wrestling match, and FINALLY on the last day of school Chris done it...and he won!!! BARELY!!! See how he's struggling?

This is funny cause sooo many people were in the science room...I got on top of one of the lab tables and took the pic...then the teacher walked in the class(you can't see him, it was a different door) JUST as the flash was off. It was really quiet, and I just slowly turned my head towards him....awkward!!!

Brooke from This Is My Life As Brooklynn, her bff Skylar and me! :) I love these chicks!

Then it was time for graduation!!!! See, we had an 8th grade video, where it showed pics of us as a baby, then us now...after that just a bunch of random photos us students brought in...I brought this one in! This was in my cheerleading days...this was me, Breanne(Click on her name to go to her blog) and Taylor(tay tay, pictured in the first pic of the post.)

We got our diplomas and plaques,...whoever got a 3.5 GPA or above got a plaque. Then whoever got a 3.75 GPA or above got a plaque.(I was above 3.75.) Guess what my GPA was? 3.99!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Couldn't be any closer to a 4.0 :/ Oh well, I'll work harder this year.

I am directly to the right of the guy in blue.(our principal)

Me and Mr. Deaton.

Me & mom.

Me, my nanny(grandma) and Aunt Sharon.

This is me & my cousin Kristen. She's also one of my best friends. She's chose to move to Christian Academy next year. I'll really miss her but I'm happy for her too.

Me and Tay Tay.

My best friend Hannah & I.

Me & my brother Anthony. He thinks he's pimp. ;)

(from left to right) my step-dad's mom Theresa, me, Aunt Sharon, my Nannie Carolyn in the green shirt, my mom & then my step-dad in the back.

Me and my favorite teacher Ms. Schroer :)

PETERSEN!!!! lol. he's my social studies teacher & also the high school girl's basketball coach. We won state this year. Mr. Petersen is hilarious and we get along. He keeps saying I'm gonna be the manager for the girl's team next year.

Me and Mr. Gray. He was my 6th grade social studies teacher and he's the school counselor. He was one of my nicest teachers.(But only to some, he has quite the temper.)

This is me and Mr. Barger. Alongside Mr. Gray, one of my nicest teachers EVER! He's my cousin as well. Him and Mr. Gray have literally NEVER said anything mean at all, like, nothing. Not to be quiet or anything. Which, I'm not saying teachers never should get onto you. And, Mr. Barger isn't even all that nice. He can be quite mean to some people. He just is really nice to some people. Thanks Barger. :)

Then afterwards we all went to Taco Bell. I had really good memories as an eigth grader, and this was probably my favorite school year. (Oooh and that day was the first day I tried a chicken queisidilla! God I am in love now!) Thank you to all of my friends and teachers, you're awesome.
Hello high school. :)
This is also the one year anniversary of MJ's death!!!! I've been listening to his songs allll day! We♥you Michael!


Michele Lee said...

Awww! Congrats! Such sweet pictures. :)

Oddyoddyo13 said...

Awesome pictures! Congrats on the 3.99!!

Brooklynn said...

Abs- I love all the pictures.
Were you in daddy Bargers room when I was on the lab table dancing?
*& when I screamed Hey *& all you baboons yelld Ho *& daddy well shut up you hoologans!
I'ma miss that fool.
I love you Abbs*& all the piutures!

Addie said...

COOL looks like you had a good year...
Ahh my year was so boring. Being a graduating class of ONE student has that effect...

Mizz Ali said...

I LOVED all the picz! Omw, I get sooo confused with 3.99 or whatever cuz we have a different school system here!!! + we basically have 2 'seperate' schools : Primary School (Grades 1-7) & High School (8-12)!!

Ruth said...

Congratulations Abby! Great pics!
Haha, my brother thinks he's a pimp too :p

ЯANdOM ЯAWR ◊ said...

Wicked photographs!
So many memories, but you'll have a lot more when you finish high school. High school is pretty epic.

xx Blaize.

NabilaHazirah said...

Happy graduation!
you're going to high school next year, right?


Cassidy said...

Awesome pics there!

Francesca said...

Aw, it's not even my graduation but it feels kind of bittersweet anyway. :) Congratulations!

*this daisy said...

Abbyyy! ((:
How are you? I've been sooo busy, hardly even have time to come online. Haha. Congratulations on graduating from middle school! It must've been such a great day. The precious memories with friends are the ones you have to cling on to.

Take care, dearest!

Ailish said...

D'awh that's so adorable! It's funny, we graduate before exams D:

tywo said...

Congrats! I love the picture of you,and your mom.
Have a lovely weekend.


Meleonieeee - ♥ said...

Aww! Congratulations on graduating! And your GPA! I have no idea what it is exactly but from reading enough books from authors from the US I kinda get it, haha. Well done! That's great! :) Good luck for high school! I'm sure you'll love it just as much!

Hazel Anne P. said...

Congratz!! Good luck on high school :)

Dandalily said...

Congrats :)

And you look so pretty. :D

Kaleda said...

Congrats on graduating :) Looks like you had a really good year.
& awesome pictures!
Where I live, we don't go to middle school :P Just straight from elementary to high school.
Hope you like it!

shelbyisms. said...


Ace-Of-Aoife. said...

Aw, congrats on the 3.99. And your pictures are awesome. ^^

iLove said...

Abby! Thank you so much for continuing to comment on my posts you are such!! a sweetheart!! and much congratulations on graduating form middle school (:sigh: I remeber those days) I so look forward to reading about your adventures in high school!!

Team Abby!!

Breee said...

Awww congratulations! :D
I remember my 8th grade graduation! :D

I find it really cool how you didn't need to wear a graduation gown! :D

You are going to love high school! :D

I know I do!

I graduate next year!