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Friday, April 9, 2010

Very random post and 30 Day Song Challenge, Part IX

Day 9-A song that you can dance to.

Disturbi-Rihanna. I love this song, and it's just so fun to dance to! :)

First off, a couple of days ago, I made my 1,000 tweet! (I've only had twitter for about a month!)
But, I tweet a lot! :)
See where it says "Tweets....1,000?" And if you guys have a twitter, tell me in the comments section so we can follow each other. (I already know some of you do!)

It was very rainy on Wednesday...

And then it just got more and more rainier, and that night our electricity out, while I was brushing my teeth. I almost stopped, but then I remembered we still had water. ;) It didn't come back on until midnight, but I was fast asleep by then. Meanwhile, I made little bunny rabbits and stuff with my hands and flashlight. (But none of the pictures are of bunnies. Just my hand.)

But then, it was a beautiful day again! Full of pretty clouds. I am obsessed with clouds!

Then I decided to take some random pics in the bathroom at school...

I posted the picture above on my tumblr, where I post my favorite pictures and stuff. :)
Have a great weekend, everyone!


That-girl said...

Aww you get to wear casual to school..
Lovely pictures of your hands :D, I love finger puppets but no-body can figure what I'm trying to do!

Addie said...

I love the pencil eraser pic!! That is soo cute!

Muse of Randomness said...

It took me forever to find the darned comments page. x_x.

Twitter? AUUUUUGH TWITTER MAKES ME SO MAD. >.< Nobody on there paid attention to me (yep. I be epic attention whore) so I said screw this, I'm lonely.

NO BUNNIES!? *weeps in corner.*

I am going to steal your 30 Day song challenge here soon.


ツ♥Maly™♥ said...

Wow your school toilets are so CLEAN and FUNCTIONAL! ours are disgusting like as bad as public toilets and theres like 10 toilets and about 6 actually lock and the toilets are shared between 4 grades... so not good. lol
and hehee u have a hall/toilet pass that is so american <3 (we have to get notes in our diaries then take our diaries with us and theres nowhere to put it awkward!)
excuse me lol
wow dont mind my random babling! Im guessing coz its weekend you arent up as early </3 haha jks
I love your tshirt by the way.....
ima stop now byee abby :D xx

janice said...

hey abby!
sorry i didn't get around to commenting you before, i was a bit busy
thank you very much for stopping by and commenting, i really appreciate it :')
and that pencil and eraser picture is so sad, but i love it so much! thank you for sharing!
i'm looking forward to your posts!

Oddyoddyo13 said...

You get free dress at school?! I have got to move somewhere other than Arizona....

Congrats on the tweets hehe-it shows you have a lot to say.:)

tiana lachelle said...

You've been tagged!!


tiana lachelle said...

Oh, sorry! I should have been more specific.
It's not that post, it's the post below it that I tagged you in.

Disaster girl said...

That's a really pretty picture of you!

Kakes said...

That little thing about the eraser is so darling! hi abby! ive missed you! cute pictures too! xooxoxoxo

Francesca said...

Abby! Your gorgeous! Sounds like fun with the bunnie rabbits on the wall :)