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Thursday, April 1, 2010

So I'm not dead...

Really. I'm not! :)
Before you read this post, and you haven't read the one before this, you might want to!
So, when I got to school, they checked my bag (and everyone else's.) There were cop cars EVERYWHERE outside. And cops by all of the doors. And NO ONE was at school. Yeah, half of the middle school was home. It was awesome though, I liked having 5 or 6 people in every class.

I made this in literature class for you guys!^ (Our teacher let us go in the computer lab.)
We done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in every classes. (Except 2, and those were the ones I predicted we'd do stuff in anyways.)
Literature-Went to the computer labs.
Social Studies-Watched "Old Dogs." (Borrriiiingg. Except a few parts.)
Health-Work. As usual. Same ol' same ol'.
LUNCH-(Hardly anyone was in there.)
Computers-Played around on the internet.
Algebra-Checked homework and talked.
Language Arts-Got on the internet on class laptops.
So yeah, today was a pretty boring day, but awesome nonetheless. And guess what? In 8th period (last period) our principal handed out bags of hot, buttery popcorn. I don't know why, but WOW it was good. I was quite thirsty afterwards though, and I couldn't get a drink out of the water fountain because we wern't allowed out of the classrooms.

For Katie (and myself, of course), because Ariel is our favorite! :)

Just found this, and of course I had to post it, becasue this movie is awesome!
No school tomorrow since it is Good Friday. Have a lovely weekend everybody!


Smileyfreak said...

WOW my comment will be the first on this post,that's a rarity...

I'm glad you're still alive :)

Popcorn from the teachers?? was it poisoned :P don't worry,that's just a bad joke. That was a very sweet thing for them to do :)

Anonymous said...

Haha. I knew they were joking!.I don't have school tomorrow too. I'm excited, and it's going to be gorgeous out!!

Oh, I tagged you on my blog!


Gabrielle said...

Haha sounds awesome! I'm homeschooled so I miss out on the fun of half days and no school. Oh well :( I'll be posting your tag tonight I just haven't had time to do a post. Have a nice weekend :)


Addie said...

You watched Old Dogs??
AHH that's worse than social studies class! Haha well at least your alive.

{ f e l i c i ty. caitlin. D O Y L E.} said...

Oh My GOODNESS!!!! Wish something exciting like that would happen at our school, but it doesn't.

Glad to hear your okay and with the popcorn...something suspicious is happening...

Thank-you again for the awards, and for accepting my horrible talent at never replying to comments =s. I confess I'm lazy.

xx Felicity.

Jen said...

Yay! I'm so glad you made it out alive! I also love the days that happens and it's a free day!!


sabine cara said...

Gah! I entirely forgot about april fools!

dammit =(!

thanks for your lovely comment, your posts are truly wonderful x)

xx scarzz

Oddyoddyo13 said...

You're so lucky! The people in my school just point say-Oh look, a monkey, April Fools! Completely unoriginal.

Francesca said...

sounds fun!

Hannah said...

Glad you're okay. Anyway, I always hated health (I took it last year). The teacher was an old guy in his seventies who liked calling us SOS. Lol, it means "stuck on stupid". The funny part was at the end of the nine weeks, he read us his poetry. Yeah, he was a poet. Lol. =]

Anonymous said...

great post.