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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Random Wednesdays & 30 Day Song Challenge Part XXVIII

Day 28-A song that makes you feel guilty.

I chose In the Arms of An Angel by Sarah McLaughlin. It's soooo sad. I swear, as soon as I copied and pasted it from youtube, I had to exit out of that window immediately. It reminds me of the commercial about animal abuse, because this song plays in that commercial. And when I hear the commercial, I have to turn the channel or go out of the room while covering my ears. My little brother makes fun of me for it. When it comes on, he'll mute it and tell me to come in there, then he'll play it. :( This is the only tv-esque thing I cry on, besides the movie "I Am Sam." I didn't cry on My Sister's Keeper or ANY of the Nicholas Sparks movies, INCLUDING The Notebook. Don't get me wrong, this song and Sarah's voice is absolutely beautiful, but that's what makes it even more sad. And it doesn't even make me feel guilty, just depressed. But yet again, it makes me feel guilty to be a human, becuase HOW could a human do that to an innocent animal who just wants love? So sad. AND IF YOU HAVEN'T EVER LISTENED TO IT, DO IT NOW!!!!!! IT'S BEAUTIFUL!!! The commerical is much more sad though, because it shows the beaten up, pathetic animals. :(

YAAAAYYY it's Random Wednesdays! :)

Isn't this awesome? I'm gonna try to take my own picture of this when it's Fourht of July time!

And holy crap this is even MORE awesome!!!!!! I would definately go the Hogwarts way. What about you all?

Just love this pic It's so me! ♥
Isn't this cute???? Koalas are my second favorite animals, pandas being the first! (As you all probably know by now.)

Aw I reblogged this on tumblr today. It's like, "Which one am I supposed to believe?" Haha.

I hope everyone has enjoyed my Random Wednesday! :) Have an awesome day!
Oh, & you know how I told you guys yesterday that I won that contest in class where we had to guess the name of the song/artist and I got a pop? Well, we done it again today, and I won again!!!! No one even came close. What can I say, I love music! :))))


Jen said...

I love the random pictures!!!! The bear is so cute, the girl taking a picture is super adorable and I love the hogwarts sign! So want to be there!!!

Great song choice, her voice is so beautiful!!

tywo said...

Your random Wednesday is awesome!
Oh man, Hogwarts all the way! haha.

That song is so sad. She is a great singer. She gets to her fans all the time.


cris (cristal) said...

wow she does have a great voice.
so sad..


Oddyoddyo13 said...

I LOVE that song! So sad. :( It reminds me of when my grandma used to sing me something like that.

mel said...

loving the random wednesday!
my favourites are the hoggwarts (love harry pot pott), the firework, and the girl with camera..and the sweater, and i guees il just endi up listing them all..and that song is so beautiful... some girls in my year sung it unaccompanied ...a.mazing

Katie :) said...

Hey Abby! I am really sorry I haven't commented in ages. I totally abandoned your blog! I really missed your sweet and funny posts thouhg. And I deleted my blog, just because I don't want a stalker, and my mom kind of didnt know about it, and I felt guilty, and other stuff like that. And I would go the Hogwarts way too! I reread all the Harry Potter books recenty and I LOVE them. Daniel Radcliffe is my favorite actor ever because he is gorgeousss :) and I really like Emma Watson too, she is absolutely stunning!

Brooklynn said...

Awe Abby, that song always make me cry as do the commericals.
And I love your pictures.
I'd probably go to Emerald City because I love LOVE the Wizard of Oz.
And the picture of the girl taking the picture is like TOTTALY you missy.

Addie said...

Haha yeah the country bears are a little bit... erm, not my favorite anymore. Lqtm

I'd pick Diagon Alley!

Christiejolu said...

That song is so sad! It reminds me of that commercial too. It also reminds me of Heath!

I love that road sign! I want to go to the Emerald City!

cris (cristal) said...

haha yea i no i shud be able to let him teach me but i dont trust neone in the water haha. my dad paid many instructors but i just cant learn haha i get so scared..
and its ok tht u dnt wnt to share publicly...if u ever want to share any of ur letters id be happy to read (:


♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

That song always...ALWAYS makes me they have it playing on this animal shelter commercial. Its insane! LOL

In the post above this one (it won't let me post a comment) I love the pic with ur feet in it.

Smileyfreak said...

Hope you had an awesome wednesday also Abby :)

Addie said...

Hahahaha, I looked up your name in the urban dictionary...
"The girl who always has a good time. The girl who is always making people laugh, and who is easily loved. The girl who is beatiful on the inside and the outside. The girl has slammin hips. The girl whose dedicated, and has a rockin family. The girl who is the best best friend ever, amazing all around!!"

Sounds pretty good! Definitely more accurate than mine :)

Sophie Dewispelaere said...

Love your pictures so much! Your blog is so pretty! xx
Would you visit mine, if u don't care. THANK YOU!