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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

AAAAAHHHH & 30 Day Song Challenge, Part XXVII

Day 27- A song that you wish that you could play on an instrument.

I chose Für Elise by Beethoven. Yes, I know I've already used this song, but I REALLY wish I could play this on the piano! :( But on the bright side.....Scroll down!

Oooooohhhhhh my gosh, guess who is coming to Indianapolis, Indiana??????????????????????????????

These lovely people!!!!! ^^^^^^^ :)))))))))) Yeah, I was in computer class today when I learned the news. I couldn't find the right link though on twitter, but by then (when the teacher walked out of the computer lab) my friend Breanne (who was in the library for her study hall) came in and said "THEY'RE COMING TO INDIANAPOLIS!!" And we started jumping up and down up and down up and down & then the teacher came in and then we said we'd text each other later. So I'll probably be going with her, because we're purchasing our tickets as early as possible before the concert on August 5th. :)))))) Sorry for the extra smileys, I'm just super excited! This will be my first concert of theirs, while this will be my friends 4th!

Ahhh this one is my favorite!!!!!! My friends' favorite is Joe, but we both love all of them! :)

Isn't this cute??? Even if you don't like JB, you gotta admit that's cute!

Lol I was on we heart it, and this was on "recently hearted." Weird right? And isn't this the picture for twitter when there's too many tweets???? Oh, and guys if you have a twitter, tell me! I'll follow you if you follow me! :) I love my twitter buddies! Here's my link:
Yay I'm so close to being done with the 30 Day Song Challenge!!! :)
Today, we didn't do anything in social studies class, so Mr. Petersen (being a big lover of music) played random songs, and whoever guessed them right first (and whoever got to 10 songs right first) WON! I was like "Pshh I can do this!" I played and played, getting a lot right, that NO one knew. Like the Beatles and the Spice Girls. I'm like, I listen to the Beatles AT LEAST once a day. Well, me and Chris Mayfield both had 9 songs, and whoever got the next one right WON! It was a Nickleback song, and I got it!!! Woo hoo! Chris didn't even know it AT ALL! So I got a Coke cause they were out of Big Red. :( But awesome, all the same! I always win stuff like that!
Have a great evening/morning everybody!


Jen said...

I love to see that you are still Rockin' and a Rollin' with your 30 day Song Challenge! I would say this would have been a much harder task for me than the A to Z Blogging challenge I'm doing! You're doing it like it's nothing!

Gabrielle said...

Aww, I'm so happy for you! Concerts are THE BEST! Have fun! ITS SO WEIRD! I see the initials JB everywhere.... Justin Bieber, Jonas Brothers, J.B. Hunter (i have no idea what that is, but its a logo on a truck.), its everywhere....

Oddyoddyo13 said...

Those were really cute photos. :)

Addie said...

Oh yay! You know who else is going to Indianapolis? LADY ANTEBELLUM!! You are so lucky... lol.

Seli said...

Abby you are lucky.
Tell me alllllll about it. They have yet to announce tour dates for here.
I'm hope though


Emily said...

I wish i could play Fur Elise on the piano, i guess i never really had the patience.
About my Layout i actually got it off the the new blogger template designer and just changed the colours around a bit. :) How you get mine is you go on Layout from your dashboard then click 'Template Designer' (which should be up the top) and then make sure your on the Template Tab and click on the 'Watermark' by Josh Peterson and then choose the disgn you want from below it (you'll know what i mean when you do it) and away you go. If you don't like the colours of it, (like i did) you can play around with the colours by clicking the background tab in the Advanced Tab. Play around with it that's how i got mine. :)
Goodluck ♥

any other question just email me at

iLove said...

hey Abby!! I got to 10 pages last night and I need to get 5 today by 12:00am!! eek...but it should be a breeze..thanks for the love on my poem! I hope you have a good day... by the way...I LOVE the music challenges!!

Stina Lindenblatt said...

Wow, if my social studies teacher had done that in class, I would have actually showed up more than once or twice a week.

TheLittleFlower said...

Yay for JB! That sounds like an awesome concert! Have fun!

cris (cristal) said...

i love nick jonas.
ur so lucky.


Brooklynn said...

The Jonas Brothers are silly Abby Gale!!!
Christopher Drew is so much better,(:

Kakes said...

I've met the JOnas Brothers :)