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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter & 30 Day Song Challenge Part IV

Day 4- A song that makes you sad.

Concrete Angel by Martina McBride. How does this song NOT make you sad?


This past weekend's my brother and I went to our cousin's house and colored eggs with our adorable cousin Savannah. :) We got all kinds of colors-including tye dye!

I have been putting one single braid in my hair somedays...

We saw this little bunny outside, along with a little bird (in the background.)

All of our colors. :)

Me and my brother's eggs.

A pretty egg my aunt made with a butterfly on it.

The Easter Eggs I made.

Our Easter eggs!

Savannah, my brother and I with all of our Easter eggs.

Random pic of dress up stuff. :D

Have a lovely day, everyone.


Francesca said...

That video made me so sad. The worst part is that those things really do happen.

Happy easter to you too! Your eggs are pretty!

Anonymous said...

That song makes me sad too..
Abby, you are adorable, and your eggs are pretty.


Smileyfreak said...

I have watched the concrete angel video before and it is the most moving music video I have ever seen. I agree with Francesca,it is such a shame that these terrible things do happen in this world. Thank you for the accompanying joyful pictures,that plait in your hair is lovely! :)

Addie said...

AHH SOOO SAD!!! Man, too bad I've already posted my song! This is waaaaaay more sad than Just a Dream...
On the lighter side, hope you're having a great Easter!

Jonesy said...

cute pics! I missed egg decorating this year. I like the braid in your hair, very cute.

I like your blog, I'm a new follower. Please check out my blog as well (and follow you like .. i hope you do)

That-girl said...

Those eggs are such a good idea!
I probably am following you as kylie_joking (that's the start of my email), but my blogger thing is weird and I don't understand it half the time :D


ツ♥Maly™♥ said...

aww she IS adorablee :)
haha spot the peace sign like on wizards :)

ForeistCage said...

Happy Easter Day to you too!:D
your eeg are adorable!

Rosie said...

hello :)

thank you so much for the lovey comments you always leave me, i am ever so sorry i am completely rubbish at replying quickly. i must get better!!

yes, i did draw those pictures, thank you :)

your little easter eggs are so cute!!! thats such a lovely things to do with your brother and cousin. i love decorating eggs at easter.

and your hair looks lovely like that, braids always look so pretty.


Kakes said...

Cute pictures!
That video is so sad.
So is the song.