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Friday, March 19, 2010

Thank You All/Birthdays

Hello lovelies! I'm not feeling to well this morning. :( My stomach hurts, but hopefully it will stop before I have to go to school.
So, this week has been very busy, & filled with birthdays. From Monday-Saturday, there has been 1 birthday on each day (and on Thursday there were 2!).
Before I get into that....
Yesterday, I logged onto my blog and I saw on my right sidebar where my views are, it was 2010! I thought that was cool, since that's the year & all. So I copied & pasted it.

To my followers on my blog, twitter, and tumblr.^ ♥

I made this last night for my friend Cassie's birthday which is today. I'm going to go to school & hang it on her locker before she gets to school. (Note: Corrinda is NOT her real name. I just call her that. Don't worry, I'm not weird, our other friend Whitney calls her Cousin Carey.)
Tomorrow is my brother's birthday, & he's having his friends spend the night tonight. Hopefully they don't bug the crap out of me. ;)
Have a great weekend everyone! Today is my last day of school before Spring Break next week. WOOP WOOP!


{ I V Y } said...

woah 2010 views? haha rad!

Anonymous said...

Abby, you are too cute!.
I hope you feel better soon!


~Abby~ said...


tywo-:) I am.


Francesca said...

I love that picture of you! And it's weird because within the next month are 4 of my friend's, my mom's, my dad's, and my sister's birthdays! Haha, it's a lot of parties!

sara said...

have an awesome spring break hon!

~Abby~ said...

Francesca-Thanks! Haha coinkidink.

Sara-Thank you. :)


Alice in Wonderland said...

Hi Abby, just called over to wish you well. I hope that your stomach gets better soon.
I love your background!
Your nails are amazing...I love them!
I'm going to have to check in here more often, so you have yourself another follower!
Take care and have a great week-end!

~Abby~ said...

Alice in Wonderland-Thank you very much & I enjoy your blog as well. :)

Alice in Wonderland said...

Abby, I noticed that you are a Heath fan too. I am planning on doing a post about his life and death soon, so I am trying to gather as many Heath fans together as I can to do a special post about the things that I know about him.
I was lucky enough to sit in on two interviews with him, and the last time I met him was just six days before his "death".

Nicole said...

What an awesome card you made for your friend! That is so nice of you, I'm sure she really appreciated that :) I hope you have a great weekend and a really fun spring break!

You rock :)

~Abby~ said...

Alice in Wonderland-WHOA!!!! YOU ARE SO LUCKY, you ACTUALLY sat in an interview with him??? That's wicked awesome. Yes, I absolutely love Heath Ledger...

Nicole-She liked it. :) You rock too!