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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Random Wednesdays

Hiya! Enjoying Spring Break here, it's getting warmer and warmer every day here. Ahhh I can't wait to swim & play & roll down big hills & eat cold popsicles & pick flowers & ride my bike & read great stories.

I absolutely love this pic, I'm going to do something with it and apply it to my blog......
I'm going to do something with this too......

Isn't this the cutest thing??? I want it hehe. I got it on Rosie's Tumblr.

How I feel some days......

I loved Lady Gaga's "Telephone" music video, I love that song! It's my favorite of hers along with "Just Dance."
I posted all of these pictures on My Tumblr. That's where I post all of my favorite photos and vent sometimes.

Hehe I put a little pink bow in my hair last night. :)
41 followers! Yay, you all rock!
I saw Alice in Wonderland yesterday, it's wicked awesome! I'll post about it soon.
Oh, and I have 3 tags I need to complete, so far I've completed one. So, to some of my followers:
Prepare to be tagged!
How has everyone's day been?


Katie :) said...

my day's been okay, we had to do a dumb presentation but your blog cheers me up! thanks for entering the contest on my blog, i really like the ones you picked out!! and i totally want that heart necklace :)

~Abby~ said...

Katie-Aw that makes me happy! Me too, I found it on We Heart It.

cris (cristal) said...

nice pics and thts cul tht u read all of them ive only read breaking dawn but no about the others.. i have the exact same pink tights in the first picture hahah love ur blog.


Kakes said...

I love love lovee that tumblr picture, same shit different day. I'm glad your enjoying your spring break my love! It'd be super fun if we met, I think we have a lot in comment, you seem to be pretty wise for being in eighth grade. Sometimes I wish I could go bac kand tell my eighth-grade-self a lot of things. Maybe that could have changed who i am now. WHATEVER, NO REGRETS!!!!

Anywyass.. My day was chill. I guess. I'll be posting soon so you can see.

Kakes said...

Me and Betty (one of my followers) talk on ichat sometime, if you ever want to, my SN is kraazaayykk. xo

~Abby~ said...

Cris & Kakes:
I replied to your comments on your blogs. :)

Alice in Wonderland said...

Abby, I love that cute little bow...and you wear glasses that look a bit like mine! Although I just wear them for reading!
I am so far behind today! Everything has been so hectic, as Wednesdays usually are for me, so I have a lot of catching up in the Blogoshere as well as some mails to write!
Take care, talk soon.

Loved the dormouse in the tea-cup!

Kakes said...

Abby-SN, screename? On AIM? Your defintley mature for your age, it's really good though, it'll help you grow even more as a person.

Christiejolu said...

Love your header pic! I didn't notice it yesterday!

That bunny was too cute!

Hannah said...

My day's been the okay, thnx for asking. Lady Gaga's outfits in Telephone are kinda weird. . . but otherwise I like the music video. =]

Francesca said...

Wow, for some strage reason I'm absolutely in love with the first photograph.

tywo said...

You are pretty!..I love your pink bow, and the first picture!!


Francesca said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. ;)

Jen said...


cris (cristal) said...

haha yea well its kinda umm like we had alo (allurah) for like a year and a half and i took care of her night and day she was our foster kid... and well she just went back to her biological mother and i still go see her cuz well she calls me mommy.. so yea i hope it goes gud dont want her real mom to get mad at me kuz she likes me or prbbly loves me more thn her... yea.. have a great day hun hope i answered ur question.


ツ♥Maly™♥ said...

do I even have to say how great that first pic is?
haha :)
Most importantly how are you?

tanvi @ now craving said...

omg, i LOVE the <3 necklace!!!

Smileyfreak said...

Hey Abby :)

You have such a lovely blog! :) I really really like thise tights in the first picture,I have a pair like that!!

Feel free to stop by my blog if you like ^^)