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Friday, March 5, 2010

Cassie's Therapy Video, March

It's about time for Cassie's Therapy Video, which we all know was made into a tag by the wonderful Erimentha. She tagged me this month.

The task: fill in 12 likes, 1 love and 8 hates like Cassie in her therapy video. Below, the bolded things are what you MUST include. Also, please link it back to me, and link it onto 3 other blogs you admire!

Abracadabra, Wow!
I like boys with pretty eyelashes and girls with a mind of their own.
I like doing fun things in computers.
I like being semi-state champions, and almost state champions!
I like reading books really fast.
I like knowing Alice in Wonderland is out, and I'm going to see it soon.
I like early mornings.
I like having nothing to do.
I like when my brother is nice.
I like when things go your way, especially when you didn't expect them to.
I like my new shorter hair.
I like sloppy joe day at school. (Today)
I love going into the bathroom after lunch and hanging out in there with all of my favorite girls until the bell rings. (Today, we tried to stuff ourselves into one mirror and took pictures.)
Today is good.
In some ways, I love everything.
Its less, its less of a thing to like, its less distinct, its less particular.
I like things that I like but I love everything.
There’s more choice in like.
Cos even the worst things have things you love in them.
I don’t know what you mean about things I hate.
I hate Kaleeps not being at school.
I hate being left out.
I hate watching dumb movies at school when my head hurts.
I hate Algebra class.
I hate waking up late.
I hate fish Friday at school, but in a way, it makes me feel at home.
I hate having too much to do.
I hate not knowing what to say.
I hate this, wow...

I tag this on to:
Brookie-cause she's awesome!
Francesca-cause I want to see what her answers are, and she's so nice.
Maly-For being my Twitter buddy.

Have a lovely day!


Katie :) said...

I love your answers for these, especially the one about cramming everyone into a mirror! One time my bffs and I had a free day in gym class so we made a "human sculpture" on the floor, which was basically us piling on top of each other in wierd ways and twisting our arms and legs all tod=gether. Our teacher made us get up though because there were people touring the school and we looked a little...weird :) haha

Francesca said...

Thanks, Abby :)
That's so weird, me and my friends do the exact same thing after lunch, ha ha!

~Abby~ said...

Katie-Hehe, I bet that was fun!

Francesca-Your welcome.

Erimentha said...

thanks so much for doing this tag abby, and thanks for your comment on my blog. it made me smile.


tywo said...

I like that you are so real, and interesting.
I love that you are super nice!

~Abby~ said...

Erimentha-Your welcome! You make me smile. :)

Twyo-Aw thanks, this made my day. You're really nice too. :)

Camelgirl said...

I really liked this!

~Abby~ said...

Camelgirl-Thanks. :)

TheLittleFlower said...

I hate waking up late too,it just frustrates me to know I've wasted so much time.


~Abby~ said...

The Little Flower-I know I hate it sooooo much!

♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

it was a post I did...maybe a week ago? MP3 quiz. I'd get you a link but my computer seems to be having a meltdown. I can't do much latley.


~Abby~ said...

Bleah-I'll try to find it. :)