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Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Lovely Saturday

So, we won semi-state! Now, I must tell you all about it. I got to the school at 1:15 p.m. Then, we got on the bus for a one and a half hour drive to Southport, Indiana. It was very boring. But, Sarah and I listened to her i-pod, and I read this:
We got to the school and unloaded all of the crap. We went in, and the school didn't even feel like a school. We got to the gym, and it was WAY bigger than ours. It was HUGE! I was a bit dissapointed that I didn't get to keep my ticket, cause the guy took it. Sigh. Anyways, I was glad to see Kaleshia. (She rode with her dad.) We sat down and saw the other band. They were really good. We just brushed it off. We got our stuff put together and we played the National Anthem. (Haha other band!)
Kaleshia, me, and Sarah.

When they announced the other team's members, everyone in the cheer block layed down and pretended to be asleep. (Don't worry, we wern't rude. When they announced the our team's players, their cheer block turned around the other way. Aahh, good healthy sportmanship. ;)

(The best picture I could get of my man Ben Raichel.)

I couldn't get very good pictures of the girls, because they were always moving. Oh well.

My lovely moccasin feet. So comfy.

After our game, another game was held, to see who we would play against next weekend. I really wanted the green people to win. Cause I liked them, and wanted to see them next weekend. But they lost. Oh well, we would've crushed them anyways. Above is a picture of one of the green people.

At halftime, we knew we were going to win. Above is the winning score. (For some reason, they made us the Cardinals. Oh well, WE STILL WON!)

When we won, all of the basketball players and cheerleaders got in a big circle and danced. :)

After that, us band members were going to eat at McDonalds really quick before the big pep rally at 8 pm. It was fun at McDonalds. Sarah, Hayley, and I laughed the whole time from some funny things we made up.... That was probably my favorite part of the whole day!

At the pep rally, everyone got in a big circle.

The Austin Eagle at the pep rally. (AKA Yoshi White, Sophmore.)

The yummy rice crispy treat I ate on the way to the pep rally.

On the way to the pep rally, it was COMPLETELY DARK! Me and Sarah rocked out to Lady Gaga and "Baby Got Back." It was fun. Then I said, "Sarah, let's take the randomest picture ever." And we did. :)
The lovely Lady Eagles. ^ Good job ladies! And Coach P!
It was an awesome weekend! I hope we become State Champions next weekend! How was everyone's weekend?

xx, ~Abby~


Francesca said...

That looks like so much fun! :)

~Abby~ said...

Francesca-Lol, it was.

Brooklynn said...

It seems funn,(:
Sarah looks like she was on crack(:
I love you both.
Can't wait till state.!
Love you,

~Abby~ said...

Oh yeah.