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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Just A Minute In...February

So, I'm going to start doing "Just A Minute In..." on the last day of each month. I also do Cassie's Therapy Video at the beginning of the month and "If I Were A" in the middle of the month.
So here goes:
Celebrating...The Austin Eagles win of semi-state. Hopefully, next weekend, we'll become State Champions.
Anticipating...For March! Birthdays, Spring Break, and I'm going to see Alice in Wonderland.
Dreading...ISTEP+. It's a big test in Indiana for grades 3-8. Thank goodness this is my last year of taking it.
Loving... Tumblr! I just made on, and I love it. I also love!
Reading...Girl, Interrupted. (I love the movie.)
Realizing...Algebra! I've been lost on what we've been working on for quite some time now. Slowly, but surly now, I'm beginning to understand it.
I hope everyone enjoyed their February!


Brooklynn said...

I can't believe that this month is coming to an end. Ugh we Start ISTEP+ tomorrow. Maybe you could murder me.?
Just kidding. This has been a great year so far. Even though it's slowly coming to an end. I don't want ninth grade to start. Because we'll be the little guys again and I'll probably get beaten up and I'll need my spazzy friend to come and save me *Everyone Abby is the spazzy one I'm talking about*
But I love your blog and glad we're buds,(:
Love you Abby-gale

~Abby~ said...

I know! Can you murder me with my ID lanyard? Joking, lol.
I don't want to go to high school either. I will definately come and save you. But, if we stick it out, we'll be big senior's and we'll beat the little kids up. (Joking about beating the little kids up).
♥ your blog too best buddie.

tywo said...

This year is going by so fast!!
I hope they become champions!

~Abby~ said...

Tywo-Yes it is!
I really hope so as well

reeeesah♥ said...

Good luck with the ISTEP+ test ♥

cris (cristal) said...

thnx for the comment love ur blog so cute and fun (: