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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Life =)

Long time, no see everyone! I've missed you all SO much..and your wonderful blogs of course! I've been so busy with everything, but thank goodness it's calming down a bit.
Homecoming week was two weeks ago. For fun, each class made a float. The theme was "Under the Sea." You decorated a shopping cart, and ours was an octopus. I worked on it during ALL of my free time.. before school, during my study hall, and after school. The whole class was supposed to help, but only me and a few other people were willing too. It was really hard work, but we pulled it off, and WON! Our float even blew the seniors out of the water. (Pun intended ;)
We also had sophomore night that week as well, and I had to make a bunch of decorations. Plus ball games to play at three times a week, but we're down to 2 games! WOO HOO. Then tennis season begins =)
Here's what I've been up to..picture style!

An unforgettable night x)

Bowling alley.. I love her ♥

At the mall with my boy :)

Just SOME of the decorations me and Maggie had to make and put was a lot of work!

Taking a break from decorating!

Like I said, our floats were made from shopping carts...but ours got a litttttle out of hand. A girl in our grade's dad came and built wood around the cart to make a big ship, and wrapped chicken wire around it. Then we stuffed it with napkins. I can't even tell you how many napkins we used... thousands? Maybe even a million?! See for yourself.....

There's one side of it. Yepp, there IS a shopping cart under that. The blue part is the ocean, the brown is the ship, and the grap is the octopus. See the tentacles? It took so long to stuff all of those napkins in there. Everyone else's float was super tiny compared to ours.

After we won! We had a big pep rally and presented it to the entire of our teachers gave us those random hats. Hahaha.

Homecoming! Maggie looked so pretty. She's in student council, so she gets to dress up.

Shawnee Bayes! She looked beautiful! She was a queen candidate, but she lost by FIVE STINKING VOTES.

The homecoming dance!

We're so dumb.

Btw...has anyone downloaded the game Temple Run? I swore I wouldn't do it...but I broke down and did. I've been playing for a week and I STILL suck. It's taking over my life.

That's the highest I've gotten so far :'(

Well, hope you all are doing good! I promise soon I will get to reading your blogs and leaving comments! Love you all =)



Devin said...

I'm incredibly addicted to Temple Run! The same sort of thing happened to me at our Football Homecoming. I'm the class vice president, and technically everyone is supposed to help work on the float, but really it was just me and the president and our friends. We didn't win though :( People got mad that we didn't win, but they should've helped if they wanted it to be better. Sorry for my rant! Anyway, that float looks awesome! It kind of reminds me of ours because our theme was Disney movies and we did Finding Nemo so it looked pretty aquatic. Your float looked awesome, great post!

Kaleena J. said...

yay! i'm so glad your float won!

Maya said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun =) Your float look awesome, it totally deserved its win!
xox, Maya

Nikki! :) said...

ABBY! YOU'RE BACK! Anyway, I love your float! It was so adorable! I have yet to play Temple Run, but it does look very addicting.

Sandra Leiva said...

Great pictures!
Looks like so much fun! <3

Sonal said...

I've missed you Abby! I love your photo posts so much. I also swore I wouldn't download Temple Run but I finally did. It's so darn addictive! Hope you're well and I can't wait for your next post.
Love always
Sonal xox

Maiken said...

hey, Abby :) blogger totally sucked and didn't show your posts but now I re-followed your blog and hope everything will work correctly :)
awesome post btw! your photos are always full of emotions and joy.

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Gabrielle said...

That Octopus float is amazing! You guys definitely deserved the win. Temple Run has taken over my life, sad but true. Homecoming looks awesome!


Caroline said...

I love your blog! Your float was so cute and creative! Mind checking out my blog?

Thanks so much!

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

wow, the float looks incredible! so happy all your hard work payed off :)
xo TJ

Hayley said...

looks like you had a heap of fun!! beautiful pictures!

Ruth said...

Wow, your boat is really impressing! Good work Abby :)

Anonymous said...

Hey girl! We've missed you here in blogger as well.

This post reminded me of my senior year homecoming week. Good times good times haha. I love the float you guys made! Good job! You so deserved to win.

Anyways, looks like you had fun at the dance. Keep having fun in high school and study hard. :)

P.S. I still have to see 'The Woman In Black', but I'm sure it'll scare the crap out of me haha.

Lots of love, B
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Anonymous said...

You are so pretty! I love that you smile so much in your photos! Your days look like fun! I'm glad your float won!!
I wish you more and more happy days and photos :)


Rosie said...

sounds like you've had a very fun start to the year!! and congratulations on the float, it does look amazing! and you are so pretty :)

thank you for your sweet comment as well. I feel like Lilys going to be early too! I hope she is, I can't wait to just get her here now!

Hope your well sweetheart :)

x x x

Rachel said...

i love temple run too xxx :) please, if you have time, pop over to my blog i would appreciate it :)