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Monday, October 31, 2011

Footloose ♥

Hey! Hope everyone's week is going well :) Mine's a bit stressful, but I can manage it!

So, over my fallbreak, I went and saw Footloose with two of my friends. I had never saw the first one before (and I still haven't) so I quite excited! I didn't know anything about any of the characters, or what the movie was even about.
Now before I even go on, most people are complaining saying, "UGH! They CANNOT remake Footloose, it can never get better than the first. This new one is so stupid."

NOW...of course a remake is never going to be as good as the first one. You can't compare it to that. It doesn't mean the new one is stupid or a bad movie, it just can't be compared to the first. So you people who are doing that: GET OVER IT! Watch this movie with an open mind, and admit it, this movie is GOOD!

Warning: There are some spoilers in here!!!!!!!!

Here's the trailer if you haven't watched it already. Please watch it because I'm not gonna type out a big summary of the movie:

I absolutely loved the film. There were great characters, it had a good storyline and it didn't drag on and on. Each scene was brilliant, and of course Ren (Kenny Wormwald) wasn't too hard to look at ;)

I was so excited when the first scene with Ren came on. I was like, "Ohh myy. He is GORGEOUS!" His character is so funny and sarcastic, and that only makes him more loveable. He's a bit of a tough guy, but he's got that niceness to him that doesn't make him too scary. The whole movie I just wanted to reach out and give him a big smooch!

Example 1:

Example 2:

When he first came into town.

Ren's uncle gives him a junker, but he manages to fix it up and I'd like to take a ride in that car. :)

The scene where Ariel & Ren first dance together. Up until that point, they were being hasty with each other. I think it's just because they both knew there were sparks between them, but they were both trying to ignore it.

I absolutley HATE Ariel (Julianne Hough) in this movie. Like really, she's a bit of a slut. (Excuse the language.) She was having sex with this one really ugly older guy (not Ren) and he was abusive! The only reason she was doing that was just the simple fact that she wanted to rebel against something. She's a preacher's daughter if you can believe it. She asks Ren in the middle of the movie if he wants to do it with her and he flat out told her no. I mean come on Ariel, where's the class? Oh yeah, you don't have any. SMH.

One of my absolute favorite scences in the movie ♥ Ren and his friend Willard (Miles Teller) were fixing up his car and dancing, even though it's against the law. Willard became cuter and cuter to me throught the movie, and I loved all of his quirks and his cute accent. My crush on him is as almost as big as the one I have on Ren, and that's hard to beat. Here Ren is teaching Willard how to dance, and he gets so good at it. :)

Them dancing at a country club! It looks so fun!

Ugh, worst kiss EVER! Ariel says, "So...are you gonna kiss me now?" Like really, you don't ASK for a kiss like that. The good ones in movies just happen unexpectedly, which makes it more romantic. She absolutely killed (not in a good way) that scene for me. <>

The very end of the movie, where they finally get to have their dance!

This movie made me sooo happy, and I don't know why! At the end me and my friends got up and started dancing with them. The whole movie I just wanted to get up and start dancing, it was contagious! But really, this movie is absolutely amazing, and definitely worth watching. :) I suggest going to see it, I'm pretty sure it's still in theaters!

Siiiigh, they're so beautiful. ♥

Have a great weekend everyone! :)



Stina Lindenblatt said...

I've never seen the orginal, either. But I plan to see this one. At least I won't be trying to compare the two. :D

tywo said...

I can't believe I have never heard of footloose..haha.thanks for sharing. I might see this!
I hope your day is better. Get some rest, girl!


Amyrose♥Forder said...

I adored this movie! I saw it last Sunday, and I like you, I have never seen the original. But I loved it!

Ugh, I hate Ariel too! She doesn't deserve Ren :( Oh well!

Great post!

Bonnie said...

I didn't like the original. It was just so old school that I didn't find it relatable. I might try this newer version, though.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Kaleena J. said...

ill have to go see this movie, everyone is talking about it. thanks for running such a great blog.

have a lovely week!

AVY said...

This is a very cute post I must say :)

/ Avy

Brianna said...

you are such a blessing to little ole me and my blog :) thanks for being so sweet!

pixelhazard said...

seem like a good acting fit huh?

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