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Thursday, April 7, 2011

April Fools Day :D

*Now playing..Only Prettier by Miranda Lambert.*

Hello, everyone!! Sorry I haven't been commenting or blogging, I had a report on Hitler due, and I've been working and working on it!

Soooo, I had the best April Fool's Day EVER! I have always hated April Fool's Day, not because I hate being pranked, but because no one ever pranks me. And I can never think of any good pranks. Oh, but this year, fellow bloggers, this year, was different. My friends and I had a sleepover/queso night planned out. And our friend Cassidy decided to bring her two friends from a different school. There were nine girls altogether, including me! Biggest queso night we've had yet.!

Me and my cousin Kristen were talking in class earlier that day (she is in our group of friends) and I said "I should fool those two girls and act like I'm hyperactive and really annoying." But then Kristen came up with an even better idea. She said something that would change the rest of the night. "Just be Russian. Use your Russian accent." I thought that was a BRILLIANT idea! I'm always going around school talking in my Russian accent, and in Spanish class my teacher calls me the Russian spy. Lol. Soooooooo! Me and one of my best friends Maggie talked it over in my next class, and we were so pumped. We were gonna fool these girls! And it all rested on my shoulders! I changed my name from Abby to "Abigüil Amalaia Anfinnes." The 'Anfinnes' is Norwegian, but oh well, it's not like they'd know! I learned how to say Hello, Goodbye and "I'm not Russian" in Russian! My plan was, at the end of the night, or when I got sick of doing it, I'd ask them if they wanted to learn how to say something in Russian. They say yes, and I'd say 'I'm not Russian' in Russian. They'd ask what that meant, and I'd say, "It means..I'M NOT RUSSIAN! April Fool's!!!" :D

I. Was. Excited. !!!!!!!

All of us. :) I'm in the blue long sleeved shirt.

We all wore crazy socks!! :D

Me and Maggie enjoying some delicious queso & chips.

I got to Kristen's house, and I was nervous as heck. Only one of the new girl's came, and the other one was coming later. I went up to Maggie and some of my friends when the came in and I said their names all Russian and kissed them on the cheek. LOL! They told the new girl, Kriston, that I was the Russian foreign exchange student. I was all happy and bubbly, much unlike my actual personality! Haha. Later on Maggie said, "I like Abigüil better than you!" Haha. Kriston didn't really ask any questions, so it was pretty easy. We played Just Dance and hung out. It was really fun pretending to be Russian. :D

Poor Cassie. XD

Finally, after 3 hours or so, I told her I wasn't Russian! At first she thought the April Fool's Day prank was that I was American! But I told her, "No, how could I speak in an American accent if I was really Russian?" Then, I thought I was done for the night, but we had to go pick up the other girl, Kaelin. I had to do it alllll over again! When she got in the car, I introduced myself as Abigüil, and she was really enthusiastic about it. She thought it was really cool. She asked me questions about Russia, and I answered them to the best of my ability! She also said, "I haven't got pranked today, and if any one of you do, I'll slap you!" If only she knew what she was in for.

Okay, skip a few hours of fun, and when I told her I wasn't Russian it was sooo much more fun! Earlier, Kaelin said "Do you have a facebook?" Which, I really do, but I couldn't tell her that. I said "No, but we can make one later!" Soo, we all gathered on Kristen's(my cousin, not the new girl) bed and I got on facebook, about to log on. I told her, "Do you want to learn how to say something in Russian?" and she said yeah. I told her, and she tried to say it. I said, "It meaaansss, I'm not really Russian. APRIL FOOL's!" I logged on to my facebook and showed her who I really was. After her being really confused and me explaining who I really was, she said, "Sooo, wait, you're not Russian?!!!" We all cracked up. And I said no. She threw her arms around me and said, "I LOVE YOU!" It was great! :D

Me & my cousin Kristen. :)

I was playing Just Dance, and I hate it. The caption for this photo is "Russians get tired pretty quick!" ;)

Maggie curled my hair!!!

This was it the next morning!

We wrote our names on our cups.. ;)

That will forever be one of my favorite nights. :]

Have a great weekend, everyone!



Lemons Don't Make Lemonade said...


Your April Fools sounds awesome!

I completely forgot about it, actually.

Its a side effect of being a home schooler. (:

Devin said...

That's like The. Best. Prank. EVER! So clever:) It's cool they were good sports about it though. It would've been lame if they were like some people and they get mad when you pull pranks on them:/

Teresauras said...

This is a very sweet post. It actually warmed my heart. I'm only 19, but remembering those sleepovers feels like ages ago. This is awesome.

Hannah said...

And I'd thought my April Fools Day was fun. Haha, that was truly brilliant. I love your hair curled. It's so pretty. =)

Emily said...

I love girl nights! So fun. You all are very darling. :)

Greta Elizabeth said...

I can't believe you got your hair like that. Gorgeous. :)

yxorp said...

You got some followers there, eh? =)
*random blogger divert*