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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Asta La Vista,

No,..I'm not leaving forever. Or for that long, actually.
I had homework from 5 classes last night! 2 speeches are in that mix somewhere!
I just need a little time, and I can't just not post or tell you all what's going on.
So, I'll be taking a break until February 11th. I might even come back before then. But the thing is, I won't feel obligated to. If I want to do a post, I will.
BUTTT! I will be reading your alls' blogs and commenting on them(like usual) as much as possible. I'll just get caught up every once in a while on them. It's easier for me to do that. Unless you've commented on this post, you don't have to come back and comment again. Just don't forget to come back on February 11th.! :)
February 11th is my one-year blogiversary!!! Wow, it's almost been a year! I can't believe it!!

And. I. Don't. Know. What. To. Do. !!!!!!
This is where you all come in. ;)


Please comment and tell me some. That would help a lot! Anything at all, I will consider!

Thanks you all. You rock. :D
Don't miss me too much.



Devin said...

That's cool that it's almost your blogiversary (I think I spelled that ok?) :)

Stina Lindenblatt said...

Enjoy your break. School work is way more important than blogging. :D

maggeygrace said...

Wow. 5 classes? I remember those days. The good thing about college is that when it all piles up on you like that, it's usually for one class. Or two. I hated having to switch subjects all the time! I'm excited for the anniversary! You could do a vlog?I don't know...your last one was just so great!

Kindros said...

Good luck with your classes. :)

As for the one year celebrations, here are some ideas:

3)Highlight reel of the last year
4)Goals for the future of the blog
5)Have followers write something about your blog and post them up.

Hope these helped a little.

↘Cassidy↙ said...

cool post :)

ps: i awarded you on my blog!

Shannon said...

Happy way early blogiversary!!

Hmm.. Ideas

1. Q&A
2. Accomplishments
5. Advice on blogging
c'mon you must have some youve been blogging for a year and have tons of followers. We love you for something. :)

Hope this helped a little.

Gabrielle said...

Will miss you! Can't wait for you blogiversary post. You could do a vlog or a list of things you've acomplished from blogging or while you've been blogging. All your followers is definitely something to be proud of :)

<3 <3

tywo said...

good luck with everything, love.
I'll miss you.


Cass. said...

Good luck beautiful

*Brookie* said...

Maybe make up your own "a little bit of randomness" tag or award? Maybe another vlog? Maybe a FAQ? I'll miss you! (:

ЯANdOM ЯAWR said...

I don't know what you should do for your blogoversary post, I'm stuck on ideas for my 2nd!
You have too much homework for someone who's a freshman; when I was in the tenth grade the only homework I got was the odd 1000-word essay. So glad I don't have classes until next month.
I'll miss your posts until then!


Bree said...

I will miss you!(: That's good tho take some time off for homework. HS is hard!

Thanks for the comment on my PLL post!

U should definitely watch it! I recommend it! Also Yes I've been reading the books! so good!

bye for now! study hard!

Francesca said...

you scared me for a second there(:
it's always good to have a break, I can't wait until your back!

For your next post... maybe a vlog? For my hundreth post I asked everybody to contribute their favorite songs, quotes, and photos and I put them all together in one long post, so you could do something like that.

Oddyoddyo13 said...

Happy Blogoversary!