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Monday, September 27, 2010

Into The New

Soo..I'm finally done with the concert posts! :D Now it's time to just post..whatever I want!
It's the first month of school, and of course the first thing we write in English class is going to be very simple and basic..a personal narrative. About anything. More specifically, a moment in your life. I was racking my brain for something, ANYTHING! I decided to write about when I went cliff jumping this summer. And guess what, I'm posting it on here! Because I didn't really tell you guys about my trip, so I'll do it in this way and show you how I actually write. =) It's really short.

Into the New
“Okay...okay, I’m just going to do it this time! I will!” I said, trying to convince myself more than Chris, Kaden and Anthony.
“No you won’t Abby!” my brother, Anthony, said in a know-it-all tone. No big surprise, he was never the encouraging type.
“Yeah you can, just don’t think about! Just jump!” Chris optimistically said, ignoring Anthony. He had given me numerous tips on how to jump: ”Stand as close to the edge as possible,” ”Jump far out,” ”Hold your arms and legs tightly together when you’re falling.” He was really trying to help; the guy I had met just that day. He was my aunt’s boyfriend’s son and about my age. We had already became good friends by the end of that day.
This was my third attempt at jumping off of the biggest cliff at Dale Hollow. I had conquered the other four; no big deal! As we pulled up on our boat to the cliffs, I had seen a young boy standing in the very spot I was, just staring down at the lake. He looked terrified, and eventually he went back down- but not by jumping. I had promised myself that I wasn’t going to do that, no way! I’d be brave and just jump without even looking first.
But now, actually standing in this boy’s shoes, being able to take the plunge at any minute into the lake’s hungry mouth....I just couldn’t do it. The thing is, I wasn’t afraid of the height. I wanted the tickle in my stomach and the rush. The problem for me was the trees that were below the cliff. There was no chance I’d fall on one...but it still made me nervous! If anyone were to fall on one and die, it’d be me! And the way this cliff was shaped, it wasn’t just a run-and-jump. I had to take 2 steps down (very carefully) and step onto the itty bitty spot I was supposed to jump off of. It was very slippery as well. Wow, was this cliff making my life difficult or what?
Not very convincingly, I said, “Yeah, you’re right...I can do this.”
I slowly sat down on my butt, gripping my noodle with one hand and used the other one to hold onto the rocks while climbing down. The rocks were cold and wet beneath my feet. After what seemed like a decade, I got to the last rock. I sat there for a moment and stood up, praying I wouldn’t fall over into the trees. My legs were shaking. I leaned forward ever so slightly, and for the hundredth time glanced down at the water...miles away. Okay, not really. “I can’t do this, I can’t do this, I can’t do this.” I had said this so many times, but the tiny, little, miniscule voice in the back of my brain said I could. I looked out to my family’s boat, wanting them to see me, but they’d already given up hope. Again, this was my third attempt, and they had just said to me “It’s okay if you don’t want to do it.” That’s the thing, though. I DID! A lot! That’s why I got upset. I had never just jumped into anything; I was no frog. I was the timid mouse who slowly crept into the crowd. I couldn’t just creep into the water, obviously. I looked back at everyone, trying to clear my head. There were more kids coming, waiting to jump. That made me more frantic than I already was. Chris could already tell what I was thinking and said, “Don’t worry about them, they can wait.” I just smiled at him, trying to be brave. I looked back down at the water.
So many thoughts were racing through my head. I just wanted them to be quiet for one second. I didn’t need to think. There were only two choices; jump or don’t jump. I closed my eyes, trying to shut everything out. Darkness took over, causing my mind dissolve.
The Gods had heard me. My mind went blank. The wind stopped and so did time. For one second only. And I jumped-my piercing screams breaking the silence-into the new. The past was gone, far behind me.

Thoughts? Comments! Criticism? Tell me! This was the final draft, by the way.

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Have a great Monday, everyone! (And I'll try to as well.)

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rose said...

jersey shore= best show ever in the history of the world
love your picture of the day
:) rosie xx

Hannah said...

I haven't been on in forever. Gah, I suck. Love your Personal Narrative and your writing style. And cute picture of the day. =)

Stina Lindenblatt said...

Love it. My favorite part was: No big surprise, he was never the encouraging type.

ツ♥Maly™♥ said...

hehe thanx for the advertising! :P Now too read the story...

ツ♥Maly™♥ said...

Abby that was really amazing. You are a true writer. And believe me I am not biased I would buy a novel written by you any day of the week!
Love Xx.

Talia said...

Great post...GREAT piece of writing. Your really great at it (writing I mean). Gosh I HATE Jersey shore. They make a fool of REAL Italians. Hmph. On a happier note...lots of endless love<3

Oddyoddyo13 said...

LoL Cool essay. :)

ツ♥Maly™♥ said...

remind you of anything?

Sam said...

Cute. I am not the best person to correct and essay though

Dandalily said...

I love personal narrative style! I love your personal narrative style! It made me smile! So did that pictures gosh i love the internet sometimes :D

Mizz Ali said...

love your writing style, it's amazing!

Gabrielle said...

LOL that picture is hilarious! I made a new blog! Will you come check it out??

<3 Gabrielle

ツ♥Maly™♥ said...

I seem to recall that this is NOT a random wednesday! Get to it missy moo!

Lily ♥ said...

You're so great at writing! I felt like I was there with you!

"I had never just jumped into anything; I was no frog. I was the timid mouse who slowly crept into the crowd. I couldn’t just creep into the water, obviously."


oh and Pauly D = ♥

Lily ♥ said...

You're so great at writing! I felt like I was there with you!

"I had never just jumped into anything; I was no frog. I was the timid mouse who slowly crept into the crowd. I couldn’t just creep into the water, obviously."


oh and Pauly D = ♥

Francesca said...

I really love the whole idea of your story. It's really relatable for me. Great job(:

isabella777! said...

hey my name is isabella but you can call me issy or bella (ya like twlight lol) ill answer to both i really like your blogs and love that ur a NICKJ freak cuz so am i!!!!!!!!! anyways chck my blog out to and hope we can be friends!::::D blog ya later lol

sabine cara said...

such a good post!

lovely picture x)
& i love taylor swift always... and I agree, mine is really good!

xo scarzz
(ps. im not sure why i stopped following you, i think my account glitched! oops)

Shivi said...

hahha, they showed that episode on MTV today. It is the worst and best show on tv at the same time.

Amy said...

Great post! The idea sort of reminds me of something I just finished writing, as in the idea of doing something scary yet exhilarating, I love the emotions that you wrote out, =)

tywo said...

Oh, I'm now addicted to Jersey Shore. It's just so interesting, and stupid! I love it!! :)
I love your picture of the day!


maggeygrace said...

Aw! It was fun reading a bit of your writing darling Abby :) You're a good writer! I liked it!

And thank you!!!! Your comments make me so happy. I'm so jealous that you're all legs, girl :). Hahaha. I am just...proportional I guess? Short legs, short torso, short evertyhing hahaha :)

Oh and I don't really know why October is my second favorite day of the year...I just LOVE LOVE LOVE October and I HATE September so I always love when it's October time :) It makes me happy!

Jennifer Louise said...

Great story! I love the last line :)

Suyinsays said...

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Ruth said...

Good writing, Abby :)
& o my god, that picture is hilarious!