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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Myrtle Beach...Part IIl

Hi. :)
Now, I said to be very afraid! This is JUST Wednesday night, w/ a few other random photos that I didn't know where to fit in!

A purty day at the beach.(Like my bathing suit?)

I scrunched by hair that day.

We went out to this big pier on North Myrtle Beach. It was, of course, the windiest day on our week~long vacation! Agh!

My brother. Lol.

See how windy???? Lol you can't even see my mom!


Me. :D

The waves were über choppy.

And a crap ton of people were catching a crap load of baby know what that means! A momma musta been swimming around somewhere! This dude let me take a pic of one he caught. Isn't it cute??? I LOVE SHARKS!

Haha Anthony & a stingray. This was outside of a gift shop near the pier.

We went to go eat at Fazolli's(my mom's favorite place)but they had shut it down! So, we went to some random pizza place we saw.

The pizza was really I'm talking finger~nail thin! And soft! Not like a "thin crust" at Domino's. I'm telling ya, this is probably the thinnest pizza you've ever seen! But I loved it. :) One piece I had was thinner than the tip of my tongue! Yeah, I think they messed up on that piece! Lol.

Then we went to another shopping center (not to the one in the previous post) but a different one called "Barefoot Landing."

This cute squirrely was walking around like it owned the place! ;)


Ahaha isn't this shirt COOL?

Me & Anthony in one of those cheesy photo~ops. Haha. :D

We saw some tigers...I felt kinda sad. But then the little intercom thing was saying "These tigers do not belong to Barefoot Landing. They will be returned to their home." Whatever that means. Lol.

And you could take a picture with a baby tiger! :D

Couldn't have said it better myself! :P

NOW WTH they had a freaking "Alejandro" but not an ABBY??????????????????? THANKS LADY GAGA I THOUGHT I LIKED YOU! :/ (I couldn't find an "Abby" anything anywhere! Either it was "Abigail" or it was "Abbie." I thought my name was pretty simple!)

Lol of course my brother had to put this shirt on!!!! It was HUGE!

The back...

I went to go pick one up until I realized it was REAL!

A machine in a shop showing how taffy is made.

Then we went and had some DELICIOUS ice~cream at Maggie Moo's! :)))

And look! Right outside of where we were sitting eating our ice~cream, I guess it was okay to sign the wall of the building! I couldn't pass this opportunity up! If you can't see it (it's right under "JORDAN") it says "Abby Hall was here 6-9-10" And then I put "Just Dance" because that's my all time favorite song and quote.

Isn't this CUTE? We sat at this table to eat! They made these out of beer bottle caps. It says "Love, Peace and Happiness." Which is odd, because most people put "Peace, Love and Happiness." Hmmm.

Well enjoy your weekend everyone!!!!

24 days until school....



♥Brielle♥Young♥ (aka Bleah Briann) said...

if you still love Adam Young you might be interested in the day I've had on my blog.
With Love and Blessings,
Bleah Briann

Mizz Ali said...

loved this!! love all the pics!

Gabrielle said...

AWESOME PICTURES! My favorite was the baby shark, so so cute!

<3 <3

NabilaHazirah said...

so cute!! your family is really awesome. i hardly go on trips like this anymore!


Anonymous said...

All of those photos are hilarious and made smile just seeing them, so of course I know you had a blast. Except the creey sting-ray pic. That weirds me out.

Talia said...

I loved all of the pictures, it looks like you've had a really fun time. I need to go to myrtle beach seriously. Teehee =) Lots of endless love <3

Anonymous said...

You have a gorgeous family.
The shirt your brother tried on made me laugh.


Kaleda said...

Awesome pictures! Looks like u had a fun time!
Cute bathing suit btw, where'd you get it??
Lol, the squirrel is really cute <3

Anonymous said...

You are being sued for copyright by:

Anonymous said...

You are being sued for copyright by:

Oddyoddyo13 said...

So many pictures! Glad you had fun. :)

ЯANdOM ЯAWR ◊ said...

I know that shirt in your last post has a picture of Edward on it; I just really like the swirls...
Haha, I like to write my name on every wall I see (given that no-one's looking). I also love the strapless shirt you're wearing. You have the coolest clothes, haha :)

xx Blaize.

Francesca said...

It looks like so much fun! My favorites were your brother in the hilarious shirt and the creepy looking stingray :)

Anonymous said...

hhahaha your brother looks good in that shirt haha JK... and just 24 days until school starts?! wow for some reason I was hoping summer would last a life time...*shrugs then smiles*

Gabrielle said...

Hey Abby! Thanks for the award I already did it! You're sweet to remind me though!! :)

<3 <3

Erimentha said...

hey abby,
your brother is really cute :) you're family looks super nice.

sorry abby someone is pulling your leg! i think it's because your blog has a similar name to mine, but i don't know, it definately wasn't me though! im sorry!


florence grace said...

Ahahah the alejandro thing made me giggle :) its such an unpopular name but abby is?! :L haha makes no sense. THe photos are amaze too. I remember going to Myrtle Beach when i was like 5 was a huge way to travel at that age:)
looks like you had an amazing time xxx

laura marie said...

cute pics!! just wanted to say hey & thank you for all your sweet comments on my blog :) yours always put a smile on my face! oh, and happy almost-100th-post :)

Anonymous said...

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