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Friday, April 30, 2010


Day 30-A song that you loved at the same time last year.

Pssh like I could remember that by heart, right? So, I looked up popular music in April/May 2009, and Waking Up In Vegas was one of them, and I LOVED that song, so here you go!
Wow. The last post for this. I mean, I'm glad it's over, so I don't have to post everyday, but I mean, I'll always remeber it. :( And it was fun, too and it showed you all what kind of music I like! So, to remember this, I'm giving the award below that I made for anyone who has finished this or will finish it in the future. So, Addie, you get this award!!!! :)

TGIF!!!!! This week,and the month of April, has went by sooo slow! There's so much going on in May and June--I can't wait! Next weekend, I'll be going to King's Island (a theme park located in Cinncinnati Ohio) for a band contest!!! Our school has been going to this competition for a long time-we've won a lot! But who knows? You know, I wouldn't even be going if I wasn't in high school band. At the beginning of the year, Ms. Mitchell (our band instructor) moved all of us 8th graders from middle school band to high school band-which is awesome! :) I can't wait to ride all of the rides, I haven't been there in FOREVER! :) Well, I hope all of you people have a lovely weekend, and don't forget to blog about it, hehe!


Addie said...

CONGRATS! And thanks for the award! Haha, good incentive to get people to do it ;)

Have fun at Kings Island!! I've been there before... it was cool!

Katie :) said...

Hey Aurora :) I really enjoyed learning more about your taste in music over the course of that challenge. We kind of have the same music taste! That's another similar thing about us; besides our whole mermaid connection! And I hope you have barrels of fun(whoa, way to make myself sound southern) at the theme park! xoxo ove and blessings, katie

Oddyoddyo13 said...

Its always nice to get a tag done, especially a fun one like that. :)

sabine cara said...

grats sweetie!

I really really love that song.

have fun! ( very jealous!)

xx scarzz

magpie said...

Awww :):) I remember loving that song too! Haha. Oh, nostalgia..

The song challenge looks like fun!!! But you are right...a lot of work. congrats on finishing!!

And guess what???
thank god.

and it's friday. and prom is tomorrow.

how could life be better?

good luck at the competition!Ride some rollercoasters for me :)

That-girl said...

I loved that song as well, I even bought the video clip for my ipod!
Congrats and finishing!


Gabrielle said...

Awesome! I'm thinking about doing the challenge, its just so long! I've got an award for you on my blog!

<3 Gabrielle <3

Kimberly Franklin said...

Congrats!! And I love Katy Perry. Have a great weekend!!

Christiejolu said...

Cool! An award! I am kind of sad it is over! I enjoyed it.

Hannah said...

Lol, I'm listening to Hot N Cold by Katy Perry right now. Can't wait for the 15th, the competition is going to be awesome. It sucks that we have to go on different days, but hope you have fun. -Hannah =)

its simple love said...

Congrats on your award! And yes it is bittersweet. I am glad I could come along for the ride. Music says so much about the listener.


Breee said...

great post :)

Happy Saturday!

btw I gave you an award, come check it out!

That-girl said...

Naww... you got tagged ... by me!


Dandalily said...

Hey just wanted to say thanks <3 and that congrats on finishing your challenge. :)


TheLittleFlower said...

Congrats! Omg,Katy perry!! My fave singers of all time!


Jen said...

Congratulations!!! I had a sense of relief the day I finished my challenge. Time for a break for sure!!!

iLove said...

YAY you finished the challenge!! Congratulations!! I am so excited about my trip!! Im looking into video cameras so i can blog that way and post them when I get back periodically (im not taking my computer).blessings to you and by the way.. we have the same cell phone haha

{ f e l i c i ty. caitlin. D O Y L E.} said...

Thanks for the answer, it's really interesting to see what people think love is.And well down on finishing your project.


ЯANdOM ЯAWR ◊ said...

That's so cool, I wish there were band contests where I live! You'd better make sure you have fun!

xx Blaize

tiana lachelle said...

there's a cute little teddy bear waiting for you on my blog!