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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Random Wednesdays, Tag, and 30 Day Song Challenge, Part VII

Day 7-A song that reminds you of a certain event.
And guess what my friends? Yesterday's post about seeing Justin Bieber in concert would fit todays description. Although, yesterday I didn't know that! So, consider today me posting about "One Time" and my experience about 4th Street Live, and yesterday me posting about nothing. Because, I can't think of a song that reminds me of somewhere. Am I allowed to do that; skip a day of this challenge?
I don't know, but I am. :)

Anyways moving on to a tag I received from the lovely Tywo.
1) Go on your desktop.
2) Open a folder with pictures in it, any folder.
3) Close your eyes.
4) Click on a picture.
5) Tell the story behind that picture. If you don't have one, make it up!
6) Tag anyone you want.

So yes, this is me last summer at a nearby lake.
I hate lakes.
And you know, the only thing I hate about them is the fish! I hate fish touching me, it freaks the hell outta me!
So, I was very very very hot, and I just got in, albeit on a little floaty thing (I can swim), because I didn't want my long ass legs sticking down in the lake where the fish could touch them. So I just put the noodle between my legs and balanced on it. And a fish never touched me! **Claps for Abby.**
I tag:
Brookie, Toongen, Frangipani Princess, Emily and Smileyfreak! :)

Now, on to Random Wednesdays.
I just love this photo, I got it from the ever-so-truthful Becca's blog.
I got this from the lovely Catherine's blog.

Ah, you just gotta love that idiot. (AKA GEORGE BUSH!)

Have a lovely day, everyone!



Anonymous said...

You know me, you know I love children! I love that quote! "You don't understand life" If you don't mind I would love to print that and hang it in my classroom one day (When I get one) ! I am hoping to teach 5 year olds so this would be perfect!

Oddyoddyo13 said...

I loved the second part of random wednesday-lol. Interesting tag too!

Toongen said...

OH Gosh, and he (George Bush) ran a country?

Thanks for the tag, shall do it now.

Xoxo.. Toongen

Francesca said...

I really like the photo telling the story of the little girl. I love random Wednesdays!

Francesca said...

Oh, and thanks for the help on my blog! I'm starting to understand it better now...but could you by any chance tell me about the reblogging thing? Sorry to bother you, but I just don't want to take somebody's photo without giving them credit...

Addie said...

LOL funny pic of George (yeah I am loling)

ツ♥Maly™♥ said...

ahhh the books upside down :P

I love the lake photo!

Maly xx

Anonymous said...

so i just happened to open ur page and addicted by saving abel is playing my heart melts... tht song used to be my ex's boyfriend ringtone for when i called... :( but newho lovely post.. george bush picture....priceless.. haha


Hannah said...

Yeah, Justin Bieber annoys me, too. Exspecially his song "One Time", cuz he says he's only gonna tell us one time, then says it like twenty times in the song. Anyway, I'll stop talking about him now. Sorry I've been going on about it, lol. I love the second picture for Random Wednesday. =)

Disaster girl said...

Haha funny post!! I loved the pics and the funny story about the fish!!

Hannah said...

Aww, that sucks, I'm going on the fifteenth.

Smileyfreak said...

Thanks for the tag! :)