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Monday, April 12, 2010

My Last Tag (As of now) and 30 Day Song Challenge, Part XII

Day 12-A song from your least favorite band.

I picked a new-ish song, called Tie Me Down by New Boyz. I don't really like this group, nor this song, and I can't think of anything else, so who cares? Oh, and before I start this post, is anyone having trouble with my blog? Someone commented that they had to highlight my words to read them. I sometimes have that problem, but I just usually have to wait a minute for the page to load, or if that doesn't work, just refresh the page. Doesn't happen often though. So tell me if you are!

**WARNING: If you don't like long posts, don't continue reading. But this is a good one!**
Anyways, I have been tagged by the lovely Sanchez. This tag (called the "Bloggers Anonymous Tag") was originally "created" by Catherine, but then turned into a tag by Camelgirl. It's sort of like a "Who I Am" tag, and you just describe yourself.
Here I go.
To start off, I have the longest name in the world. Just bear with me here.
Abby Lynn Hall. Now, if you must read it over again, it's OKAY! I don't really know how to describe myself. I'm really random, and I'm sorta-kinda-maybe funny. A lot of people judge me before they even get to know me. That's just society at it's greatest! :) But I'm totally different than what you would expect from a skinny white blonde girl. Some people call me smart, but I just have a photographic memory and get lucky. I hate algebra class so much. I hate the subject and the people in my class. I prefer language arts class, which is my favorite subject. That class also contains my favorite friends and teacher. I talk lots and lots, but other days I am quiet and DON'T like to be disturbed. I am currently reading "Through the Looking Glass." (Haha, just to let you know.) Oh, and I say "haha" way to much. Or just on twitter, I guess.

I am a band geek. Proud of it buddy! :)

A cheerleader, which I shall never be again! (I'll play in band at the ball games, so no cheering here!)

I love my friends so much. Lunch is my favorite time of day, so I can just laugh with my friends. I sit with Whitney (the one with the red hair and black pants), Cassie (the girl holding the trophy and her tounge sticking out), Kristen (the girl next to Cassie, her tounge is sticking out, and she's my cousin) and my bestie Hannah. We always have fun, and we have lots of good memories and inside jokes.

This is Hannah. Remember when I had that post when I had a picture of me and Hannah and told you guys to guess which one I was, and most people guessed Hannah!

Some days I feel like crap and I don't want to go to school (Example A pictured above.) I hold grudges a lot, even if we're talking again. It takes a lot to earn my trust back again, although I hate this about myself.

Have I ever mentioned I freiking love Heath Ledger? Especially as the Joker! I dressed up like the Joker/nurse last year for Halloween! :)

I ALWAYS stay on task... I love warm days, with lots of pretty white clouds. By now, you all should know how much I love clouds because of how many pictures I have of them on my blog.

Have I ever mentioned I have a shadow named Ellie? Well there she is! I always want the best for other people, and it makes me mad when they don't want it for themselves. I hate uptight people, I just wanna rip 'em off their chair and make them dance with me.

I love my mocassins (which people make fun of me for!), but I just love em, and I love Native Americans. I am quite different from anyone you will meet, and I love making new friends. I love weird foods and I dip pretty much everything in ketchup. Including ramen noodles. Yum. :)

I'm just, me. You either get me or you don't! Pick one and stay or go! :) I am just a big goober that likes having fun and discovering new things! I tag:



~Sir Miffington

Tell me what you think, everyone!


Anonymous said...

You're so lovely :)
Your blog is adorable

Anonymous said...

That was a great take on the tag :)
Your school looks like so much fun!
Adorable as usual

Oddyoddyo13 said...

I feel like I just learned a ton about you!

Anonymous said...

Ok girl I hate algebra too. I am almost finished with my last algebra class. College algebra sucks!

And I FREAKIN LOVE Heath Ledger(awesome as the Joker) too! I have been as much a Heath freak as I am an Alice in Chains freak!

Never heard that song. LOL! If you say it sucks I am going to take your word for it and not listen!

ツ♥Maly™♥ said...

Yea its coz your layout background takes ages to load but before it does theres that pink background so if you go into layuot and then fonts and colours up the top there then change the page background colour coz pink background+pink writing= unreadable :D
ok now to read the post haha

Alice in Wonderland said...

I loved your post so much that I just tagged you and there is an award over at my site for you too!

Athena. said...

I love learning more about bloggers!
your blog is wonderful :)

Smileyfreak said...

Abby,I share your love of ketchup!! :) Isn't it just so great? I really don't understand people who think it's yuck before they even try it for themselves! :)

Kakes said...

thanks for sharing more about you! cute pictures! i'll go to the tag now! xo

Orgo Cosmetics said...

Cool photos! You're so pretty!

Sir Miffington Quack Quack said...

Hahaha, awesome tag, you made it really cool. Thanks for awardng it to me, too... now I've just got to get thinking about who I can do... :)

Haha, rhyming.

Anonymous said...

wow abby i just learnt so much about you! and i think you're super interesting
thank you for the tag, i'm happy to have something to take my mind off some worries going on at the moment :)

Francesca said...

I wish I actually knew you! You remind me a lot of one of my friends, her name is Molly. She LOVES ketchup!

macey said...

hi! i like your blog. Im one of talia's friends, Macey, well anyway i couldn't help but notice your social studies book. haha i have a similar one because i live in indiana too! so that's kinda cool... :)