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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Little Reminder and 30 Day Song Challenge Part XX

Day 20- A song you listen to when you are angry.

I chose Für Elise by Beethoven. I love this piece! I always have, and I just get on the computer, chillax, and listen to this song when I'm frustrated or angry.
Now, for the important part of the day. Today is the anniversary of the Columbine High School shooting. Don't know what that is? Well, I'll tell you. Or, of course you could google or youtube it. It happened 11 years ago, on a Tuesday like this in Littleton, Colorado. Columbine High School is a very good school, and no one would imagine something would happen like that there. 2 high school boys went on a shooting spree, killing 13 people(including 1 teacher) and injuring 23 people. No one expected those 2 boys to do it, either. One of the people they killed was Cassie Bernall. Her mother wrote a book about Cassie called "She Said Yes." Wondering where the title of this book came from? RIght before Cassie was killed in the school library, one of the men asked her if she believed in God. She said yes, and then they shot her in the head. She was a believer in God, but she wasn't always that way. She got into the wrong crowd at a different school, and made some bad decisions. She went through 2 years of fighting with her parents and this bad crowd. She finally started going to a youth group and her parents made her move to a private school. She met some good friends, and became surly, but slowly, better, and she was a nice person. She always thought she would slip away from Christ, but she never did, not even in the minute of her death. People call her a martyr.

This is the book. ^ We're reading it in literature class, and that's how I know all of this information.
There's also a movie called "Dawn Anna" but it has nothing to do with Cassie, and it isn't even based on any of the Columbine events until the very end of the movie.
Just thought I might remind you guys of this, and if you didn't know about it, tell me!
Have a wonderful day.


Jen said...

Awesome choice of angry music! I love this piece!!!

I loved this book, it was amazing to know that someone stood so strong even in the end. I only wish I could have been half as great as her and half as strong. She was amazing!

Gabrielle said...

Wow, that's really amazing. You should really get credit for this for school! I didn't know, so you've made a difference! Thanks

love, love, love

Oddyoddyo13 said...

That's so sad! I always try to look for the best in people, but its still really amazing what can happen when they're pushed to the limit. At least she stayed true to her beliefs right to the very end.

Christiejolu said...

Thanks for the reminder! It was a very sad day indeed!

Erimentha said...

what a beautiful girl, with such a strong heart.

SHE SAID YES!!!!!!!!!!

Raisa said...

Love your taste in music... very appropriate for this entry. You have interesting blog...

courtney jane said...

I've read Cassie's book :( It's very sad, but her faith inspires me. Cute post:)

*this daisy said...

I love Fur Elise. I used to play it on the piano all the time. <3

TheLittleFlower said...

I have to get that book! Sounds interesting. Your taste in music is awesome :D

Brooklynn said...

Abby Gale,
I love the book.
But Mrs Caudill is making it seem boaring with the journal stuff.
Everyone should know about Cassie and this scary story.

Jomieee said...

Für Elise is an awesome piece =D

and..The book sounds interesting, the whole background of the story makes me want to go out and buy the book.

you reminded me that I haven't finished the 30 days Song Challenge blog. LOLOL

Hannah said...

Wow, that's terrible. I can't believe they killed 13 people. Was there a reason behind it or was it just a random shooting with random victims? I haven't heard of it before. There was a shooting at my school a couple of months ago. One janitor shot the other janitor until he died, then ran off. I'm glad Cassie was strong in the end, though.

Kakes said...

There's a song about Cassie, its called, Cassie by Flyleaf. It's a very sad, sad, tragic yet inspirational story.

tywo said...

You have such a great taste in music.
I never heard of the book. I'm adding it to the long list of ones I want to read this summer.


cass said...

Abby, you're such a sweetie for this post. I'm sure you've really educated people and have made a difference :)