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Sunday, April 25, 2010

30 Day Song Challenge, Part XXV

Day 25-A song that makes you laugh.
I chose A Boy Named Sue by Johnny Cash. Listen to it if you haven't, it's really funny! :)

Seriouly, answer the question in a comment. I love hearing from you guys! And if anyone ever wants to e-mail me, ask me my e-mail address in a comment! I'll tell you in a comment in your blog; I love to e-mail people! (**EDIT: Okay, I just read on Maly's blog where she posted this same picture and asked how everyone was doing. I did not copy this from her. I actually typed this all up yesterday and made it a scheduled post for today. I am just now editing it to tell everyone I actually done this yesterday, and I PROMISE I'm not copying her. I think that is weird we both done that.**)

I hope everyone's day has been splendid. And if it hasn't, make it memorable.



Francesca said...

Today I'm feeling okay. I'm feeling like a should of gotten a lot more of my social studies project done, and I'm feeling like I'm going to fail my gym test on racket sports, and I'm feeling a little pissed at my dad, and I'm feeling like I don't want to go back to school tomorrow after this vacation. But other than that, I'm good. So I guess I'd check off the middle face.
Oh, and I totally get the copying thing! Sometimes I save a draft of a post, then, right before I publish it, I realize somebody has just done pretty much the exact same post, so I don't publish it. So I don't think you're copying her!
I'd love to email you! My email is so can you leave a comment of your email in my blog? Or just email me, either works.
And that song is hilarious!
Wow, long comment. :)

Oddyoddyo13 said...

I'm doing great! Relaxing, a little upset that school's tomorrow though. :(

Alice in Wonderland said...

I usually have a few things stored away, and yet people who I am close to, come up with almost the exact same thing! Even though my best blogging buddie is in Tucson and I'm here in England, we have the same thoughts....strange! But, we have known each other for a long time now.

Today, I am feeling depressed. Things just get to me at times, mainly things that I can't talk about, but I should! It's just complicated.

sabine cara said...

ah very cute post honey!
xx scarzz

sabine cara said...

oops, I accidently commented that a bit early haha.

anyway, I'm feeling really good, aside from the fact I need to stop reading blogs & procrastinating and do my homework...

&& I adore your insprirational blogs list on the side >

xx scarzz

TheLittleFlower said...

Today I feel just okay. Although at some point of time today,I felt upset..

Mila said...

Hi dear,

First: don't worry about copying, it happens to me so often, I am all happy about something nice I posted and then later I see someone else posted about that too before me. But there are so many blogs, it's impossible not to sometimes copy each other, either if it isn't your intention!

Hmm, I am not feeling so well, although much better than last week, that was drama.

I hope you feel great dear!


Brooklynn said...

Today is okay.
It's raining and kinda gloomy.
But I'll make the best of it like I always try to do.
Hope yours is obkayb,(:

Anonymous said...

Hey Abby! You are SUCH a total sweetheart!! I am felling good today. Sucks that me and M. can't be friends (right now) I thought I had given it enough time...but yesterday was a clear indication that I hadn't. Hope you enjoy the rest of your day!! And thanks again for helping me fix my comment posting issues!

Peace and Blessings

Suyinsays said...

ABBY you are just the cutest person ever!
wow you must be way clever to win all those awards? welll done :)
also, london is pretty good, but i really wish i lived in america, i <3 american people, they are awesome, like you!
much love!

Anonymous said...

Today, I'm happy. I slept all through physics class, and had fun with the boys in dynamics class. Sounds like a great day right?.
Seriously, not hearing my physics professor's voice calls for a happy day! Tonight, I'm having dinner with Brenton, and his dad!!
So, I'm happy!
Abby, sometimes I want to post something, and realize that someone has a very similar post. I never call it copying. It's just similar ideas.


Talia said...

Right now I'm feeling kinda hurt and back stabbed.

Talia said...


How do you do u put a different title instead of Comments. Like u have 12 Random Thoughts *well make that 13 now*

Hannah said...

I'm feeling okay, I guess. Not that excited for testing tomorrow, but other than that I've been having a good day. I commented in the above post about the Bon Jovi Cd's and my dad always playing them in the car; it's the same for this song. He plays a lot of country music ;)