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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Award for.....


She said she couldn't take it without it being given to her, so here you go Alice. Your blog is awesome & so are you!
Read my post below for more awards. (You can take them, just link them back to me.)

Have a lovely day!


Sarah and Ayanna said...

Haha cuuuute! I also just wanted to say thanks for always commenting and stuff. You're awesome! You're such a cool internet bestie! :)

Katie :) said...

hey i saw that one of ur nicknames is abbers and i have a friend named abby at school and thats what i call her :) there are so many nicknames that she has too, like ababby and abbys of steel(like abs of steel...) lol!

~Abby~ said...

Sarah and Ayanna-Your welcome. :)
You guys are awesome too.

Katie-haha yeah, some people call me Abs, I have a lot of nicknames. My friend Brooke ( and my language arts teacher call me Abby-Gale. Even though my full name is just Abby, not Abigail.


Jen said...

Oh how sweet!!!!

Anonymous said...

this is great congrats to her (:


Alice in Wonderland said...

AWWW! Thank you so much, sweetie! Of course I'll link them back to you!
Wow! Don't you just love receiving awards! It really makes you feel good!
I'll get everyone to give you a visit and tell them what a great little blog that you have going here!
Big, big hugs!

♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

OH, I didn't know. But reasing your last post about my awards it sounded like there was some confusion. I MADE all of the awards, not just the music award. :)
Just wanted to let you know, in case there was any confusion. I made them all on my own. =D
I make them at if you're interested in making your own.